Seer Sive’s Pisces Horoscope

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Opportunities for reflection and transformation should not be wasted this month as they can set you a path to a more secure future.

A lunar eclipse occurs along with this month’s full moon on June 5th. Under this influence, there could be a tendency towards negative thoughts or emotions. Acceptance of our less desirable sides qualities is important, but this can be difficult for Pisceans, who are generally focused on bringing out the best in others and dislike showing negative traits. However, we can learn a lot about ourselves by embracing our shadow self and facing the world as a unified whole.

Your ruler, Neptune, begins its annual retrograde on June 23rd. From now until November, a shift in focus will see you become more reflective. Answers may not come to you so easily under this influence, but the opportunities for reflection will be useful – the effect won’t be terribly noticeable, however, more like an undercurrent that makes you question things more deeply. Two days beforehand, the solar eclipse inspires you to take a new direction in life. This is a powerfully transformative force, and you will do well to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak.

The month ends with an interesting development, when Jupiter and Pluto align to favour a search for greater meaning in life. This influence will open doors in your mind – don’t be surprised if you find yourself going in a completely new direction or undertaking a risky endeavour. Greater insight is possible now – a view of the bigger picture, so to speak.

For Singles: An ex-lover flatters you with attention, but don’t let the sweet talk blind you to the facts. If it’s over, it’s over. Honesty with yourself is essential now.

For people in a relationship: There may be trouble ahead! Poor communication and stubbornness cause tension this month. There are possibilities to progress, however, if you can both get onto the same page.