Seer Sive’s Libra Horoscope

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This month begins with some challenges but things become more settled as it progresses.

On June 5th, the Sagittarius full moon arrives along with a lunar eclipse to challenge you. This is likely to be an emotional time, with some upheaval or conflict to be expected. As a natural peacemaker, you will instinctively seek compromise – but with Mars and Venus at odds, reaching peaceful terms will be a challenge under this influence. Sometimes, tension is unavoidable.

The Cancer new moon on June 21st is accompanied by a solar eclipse. But don’t worry, this eclipse brings more positivity than the last one! Unexpected opportunities and surprising events seem likely under this influence, so be ready to grab whatever comes along. Try to maintain a focus on the bigger picture at this time – it’s not about the smaller, less significant changes but the life-changing, enduring transformations that are possible now.

The final week brings more settled circumstances. When Venus, your ruling planet, ends its retrograde and turns direct on June 25th, life becomes a little easier. Obstacles that blocked your path for the last few weeks can now be overcome. Then on the last day of the month, a powerful alignment between Jupiter and Pluto highlights personal growth and the realisation of your ambitions. This is the second in a set of three such important alignments this year – the last one arrives in November, so objectives you pursue now can be easily realised over the next few months.

For Singles: A feeling that someone is taking advantage of you might be hard to shake off this month. Don’t dismiss your instincts! Step back and take stock. Give it some thought and seek the advice of trusted friends.

For people in a relationship: A clash of priorities causes tension in your relationship early in the month. New beginnings are possible from the last week, however, as the focus switches from individual needs to a more holistic approach.