Seer Sive’s Leo Horoscope



A month when great transformation is possible – the only limits are your imagination and your capacity for hard work.

The Sagittarius full moon on June 5th is accompanied by a lunar eclipse, so the usual momentum of a full moon will be turned up – and then some! Unresolved personal conflicts or interpersonal difficulties are likely to be highlighted, because in addition to the strong lunar energy, Mars and Venus feature prominently. Whatever the challenge, expect this lunar eclipse to test you, Leo – for instance, you could be required to compromise or be more flexible in a certain situation.

Mid-month sees the sun move into the sign of Cancer. As your ruler, the sun and its movements have a particular influence on you. When the sun is in Cancer, the focus is on intuition, imagination, loyalty and domestic bliss. The very next day brings a solar eclipse along with the Cancer new moon. This is a promising time for you, a time when the kind of transformation that’s usually just beyond your reach is achievable, so don’t rest on your laurels.

On June 30th, Jupiter and Pluto form an alliance that holds great potential for long-term growth and development. As these two powerhouses align it’s time to give your ambitions a free rein. Your desire for success – usually tempered by outer circumstances rather than any personal limitations – can run free. The sky is the limit now – and since this is the second of three similar alignments this year, you’ll get one more crack of this particular whip in November.

For Singles: A niggling doubt should not be dismissed this month when it comes to love – that’s your gut trying to tell you something. New love seems to be connected with a new exercise regime.

For people in a relationship: Family ties force you into a corner but you’re not happy about it. Going along with circumstances will just store up problems for the future, perhaps it’s time to make a stand now.


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