Seer Sive’s Gemini Horoscope

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gemini horoscope

Fourth Week in July


Bold and aggressive Mars is coming after Mercury, which could put a sudden spring in your step, as well as a surge of confidence. Use this time to turn those creative pursuits into reality! Your sudden boldness will make you feel like you can accomplish anything––go ahead and chase that feeling.

For singles: Take this time to put yourself out there! Try a different dating app and make a connection with someone new. You need to get outside your usual circle where you cast your net. Distance isn’t really such a tyranny.

For people in a relationship: Hot and steamy romantic nights are in the cards for you! But only if you are prepared to drop all of the little complaints you have about each other and just enjoy where you are. If you do, you can prepare for passionate encounters, followed by whispers of adoration to each other.