Seer Sive’s Gemini Horoscope

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gemini horoscope

Third Week of October


Honesty is important to you, and this month will give you the opportunity to express your most authentic thoughts and desires. Whether it’s at work, with friends, or a significant someone, this is the time to say what’s on your mind. That said, it’s important to stay empathetic and compassionate. Be careful of putting relationships on the line for the sake of “brutal honesty”. This week will also allow you to lean into your intellectual side and experiment. Going out of your comfort zone may be difficult, but it will be rewarding.

For singles: Honesty goes a long way for you. Don’t beat around the bush and tell that special someone how you really feel about them. Be prepared for a season of heightened intimacy.

For people in a relationship: If you’ve been thinking of shaking things up in your relationship, now’s the time to lay your cards on the table. Don’t be afraid to express your innermost desires–this season will challenge your adaptability, so keep an open mind.