Seer Sive’s Capricorn Horoscope

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Third Week of October


It’s time to take charge. Although recent events may have forced you to compromise, this month, it’s all about taking control of what you want. Channel your energies into causes you’re passionate about, and start laying the groundwork for long held-off plans. But be careful: your fiery spirit can cause you to take on battles that aren’t yours, and singe some relationships in the process. Be sensitive to others and focus on the things that truly matter.


For singles: The astrological new year means new beginnings are in your favour. A new love could be in bloom soon! Get ready to meet an exciting stranger this month – or see someone familiar in a new light.

For people in a relationship: Being in your element, it’s full steam ahead for your relationship! Things can get even more serious quickly, and you may find yourself making bold moves like moving in together or getting engaged. Remember to keep yourself grounded so you don’t rush into important decisions.