Seer Sive’s Capricorn Horoscope

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Optimism and future plans feature strongly this month. It’s no time for dragging your feet, make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

The full moon on June 5th is accompanied by a lunar eclipse, so the usual impact of the full moon is heightened. There is an impulsive, emotional energy to this lunar eclipse and even you, Capricorn – often the most level-headed and practical person in the room – will feel its effects. Under this influence, it won’t be easy to brush under the carpet the things you would prefer to avoid. However, in facing your fears, you will emerge stronger and more capable than ever.

June 21st brings the Cancer new moon along with the month’s second eclipse – this time, a solar one. Solar eclipses can have a powerful effect on us; this one is likely to bring issues of freedom and responsibility into sharp focus for you. Often constrained by your own self-discipline and sense of duty, there may be times when you wish you could throw off the mantle of ‘the responsible one’. This is your chance! A new beginning of sorts is possible now and learning to cut yourself some slack occasionally could open up a whole new world to you.

The month ends with two promising events. On June 27th, Mars enters Aries where it remains until January 2021; Mars in its home sign brings a potent energy and drive to the table and your career, in particular, can benefit.  Then, on the 30th, Jupiter and Pluto unite their energies in the second of three important alignments this year. Personal growth and development is a major theme here and new goals – or dreams that have lingered at the back of your mind, perhaps – can be realised under this influence.

For Singles: An ending seems to be in sight where love is concerned – hurt feelings and bruised egos are likely to feature. Opportunities to move on will arrive soon enough, however.

For people in a relationship: You and your partner seem likely to be at loggerheads for the first week of the month as emotions run high and mutual understanding falls by the wayside. Resolution is possible, but you’ll both need to work hard.



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