Seer Sive’s Aquarius Horoscope

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Third Week in October


 You have been through a lot, yet your strong and steady nature has kept yourself grounded and resilient. Things will be looking up for you soon. Your loyal and hardworking nature allows you to stick through less-than-ideal situations. Find the courage to trust your instincts and fight for what you deserve, even if it means breaking out of your comfort zone. While you feel that you may have to uproot yourself and find your bearings after, it’s a move that will pay off.

 For singles: Been fretting about your solo status for a while now? This is the time to pull back and let things flow. Positive things are in store for you soon, and all the pieces are falling where they should be–so pause from panic-swiping on your dating app.

 For people in a relationship: Gather the courage to have an honest conversation with your partner–your loyal spirit may have caused you to let some things slide in the past, hurting your relationship in the long run. This is the time to be honest about what you feel and where you want to be in your relationship.