Seer Sive’s Aquarius Horoscope

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June will likely bring challenges your way, particularly where close relationships are concerned. The last week is the best, however, with a powerful, transformative energy at play.

The month begins with a full moon eclipse on the 5th bringing close relationships into sharp focus. Your tendency to run from emotional expression could cause trouble for you here, especially if there is scope for your reserved approach to be misread as indifference. However, as with all full moons, there are also opportunities for fulfilment and realisation. Close relationships can benefit from this special lunar energy, but you may need to step out of your comfort zone and open up a little.

The solar eclipse makes its presence felt on the 21st. This is a great time for a fresh start. However, as with the lunar eclipse, it comes with a caveat: there may be a trade-off of sorts between freedom and responsibility. Personal freedom is particularly important for Aquarians, and you typically hate to feel constrained in any way. However, balancing these opposites can result in more positive outcomes so take advantage of the opportunities to do so if you can.

The final week of the month brings two longer-term aspects that can set you on a more enlightened path. There are two major influences here – first, Mars enters Aries on the 27th and three days later, a special alignment occurs between Jupiter and Pluto. Mars brings energy and drive to the mix, and as it spends the rest of the year in its home sign of Aries there are great opportunities to harness this spontaneous, proactive force and make it work for you. Then, on the 30th, Jupiter and Pluto unite their powerful energies, paving the way for you to forge stronger connections with the world around you.

For Singles: You don’t usually care about gossip and hearsay, but someone grabs your attention this month – and you can’t help but get involved in the rumour mill.

For people in a relationship: Demands from your partner seem likely to rub you up the wrong way early in the month. Empathy and understanding will go a long way here – your point of view is not the only one that matters.