Gemini: Seer Sive’s Horoscope for The Week Ahead

Gemini has a big week ahead!


18th September to 25th September

As the stars converge in your favour, you stand on the brink of extraordinary fortune. The return of Saturn heralds a season of risk-taking, where gambles may yield resplendent rewards. A promotion, a long-lost treasure, or the realisation of your grandest dreams awaits your grasp. Trust the universe’s benevolence to shine away the shadows of negativity, paving the path to your aspirations. This week, your discernment will be your guide, turning whimsical choices into triumphant endeavours. Embrace the forthcoming prosperity.

Singles, with Jupiter and the moon crossing paths, love’s elusive charm may seem distant. Lady Luck may not favour your romantic pursuits this week, and you might find yourself feeling solitary and forlorn. However, bear in mind that patience is your greatest ally. Resist the urge to force love’s hand. Trust that a brighter chapter in your love story awaits, and it is closer than you think.

Couples, as the sun casts its radiant glow, you may sense a subtle emotional detachment in your relationship. Your partner might appear enigmatic, veiling their thoughts. Beware of unnecessary conflicts that could escalate. Allow them some space, and trust that they will return to you with their own reasons. This is a time to maintain serenity, nurturing the bonds that tether you both.


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Gemini horoscope:  Gemini, the zodiac’s twins are often said to have a dual personality. They’re quick-witted, and sociable. Have a good week, Gemini!