Leo and Aries

In the beginning the smooth Aries predator immediately takes the leading role in plying the Leo’s ego with all the desired affirmations. The Leo feels quite at home being in the spotlight, and cleverly uses his or her charisma to lure the Aries, and both being fiery and romantic, they quickly compromise. Their sex life is passionate and indulging, and infidelity unlikely because they tend to find what they want in each other, and have not the compulsion to stray. Both are attracted to each other’s fiery nature, and neither are prepared to back away from any challenging issues. They usually unite and find a common approach to a passionate future.


Leo with Taurus

This is a good combination, particularly when both understand the specific needs of the other person. The Taurus is a lover of beautiful things, and takes great pride in admiring his or her possessions, particularly their Leo mate. This attitude blends in well with the Leo’s demand for constant praise and adulation. There is a basic conflict, however. The Leo’s outgoing nature will seem to be larger-than-life and at times will irritate the Taurus, but the Taurus will quickly temper it and bring the Leo back into line. If Leo does manage to become dominant, the patient Taurus will eventually walk away when their needs are not being met.

Leo and Gemini

In the beginning this playful pair will display affection and have great fun, and they will really enjoy each other. Both are naturally outgoing, love socialising and will have many friends. The Gemini’s intelligent mind finds an eager partner in the outgoing and glamorous lion. One area of contention will be that the Leo needs to rule, and demands constant praise and adulation, while the mercurial Gemini may soon lose interest and start looking elsewhere for a new challenge. What this pair needs to learn is that Gemini won’t always be around to give the Leo the attention they thrive on, and if the Gemini can understand the Leo’s need to run the world, all will be good with this combination of air and fire.

Leo and Cancer

Usually this is a good combination, since the Moon reflects the light of the sun. They both enjoy the good life, being impulsive and brutally frank, they tend to know exactly where they stand with each other. Love can be a fire of passion between these two energetic physical people, with the sun dominating Leo and reflecting off the silvery moon, both bask in the light of the other. The brighter the sun shines, the more the moon will reflect back. Together they will tend to move in harmony. While Leo always desires the limelight, they will seldom forget the Cancer in the background. When this couple get it together, they have everything going for them, and are likely to live in harmony for many years.

Leo and Leo

When these two graceful lions get it together, they have all the ingredients to make love and romance look like a blockbuster movie. A night out for these two is like is like going to the Oscar Awards. When these two starlets step out, it is style, glamour and bright lights all the way. These two are constantly competing for the limelight, and will at times have to step aside and share it with the other, if they don’t; they are on a road to nowhere. Leos are positive people and want to be the head of their social groups.

Leo and Virgo

What an unusual mixture! When the magnanimous Leo and the analytical Virgo swing into each other’s love orbits, they will require very specific ingredients to make a long-term success of it. If the Leo has Venus in Virgo and like wise Virgo has Venus in Leo, these two are laughing all the way to the altar, and have a very good chance for a long and happy relationship. The larger-than-life Leo will beam with delight and overlook the Virgo’s critical nature. The Virgo will bask in Leo’s warmth and generous light, and overlook many of the faults they would usually be up in arms about. Once this duo understands each other’s ground rules, this relationship has the potential survive any difficulty.

Leo and Libra

Both elegant and charming, Leo ruled by the sun and Libra ruled by Venus usually form a luxurious and strong relationship. Although the Leo loves to be in limelight, the artistic Libra will probably not be prepared to let the Lion bask in it for too long, much to the surprise of the Leo who may not be so good or willing to share. They both have a deep love of beautiful things, and will probably keep an exotic palace full of expensive icons and Persian carpets. Herein lies a potential minefield. Both are great spenders and also both are bad managers, their financial situation will often be the cause of disputes that will undermine the foundation of their relationship.

Leo and Scorpio

It is love and romance all the way, when these two lovers of the zodiac swing into each other’s orbits. Both are extremely passionate and forceful when they need to express their feelings, on the other hand when they hit stormy waters; it is likely that one of them will end up stuck on the rocks. They are both fixed in astrological terms, meaning that they can both be exceptionally stubborn, and herein lies their downfall. If the Scorpio is jealous by nature, he or she will glare on in total dissatisfaction while the Leo seeks approval from all and sundry. This relationship should have all the ingredients to make a very compatible combination, but it is far better if the female is a Leo and the male is a Scorpio.

Leo and Sagittarius

This fiery couple bring out the best in each other, and make an excellent combination most of the time. Both have a strong desire to live life to its fullest; it’s not likely you’ll find this pair hanging around for the weekend unless there is a lot of night life and parties. At the close of business on a Friday they will look into each other’s eyes with a twinkle, and with a glint they will take off to some exciting destination. If things start to run a little rough, it’s likely to be because they are both trying to be the dominant one. An excellent combination in most cases, unless Sagittarius is in need of to much freedom and Leo becomes too bossy.

Leo and Capricorn

As you can imagine when you mix a self-disciplined goat and a fiery outgoing Lion, it will probably be scorched earth all they way. The Capricorn will have great difficulty in dealing with the Lion’s complete lack of self-discipline. As a business relationship this would be one of the most successful ever, that is if the flamboyant lion was the sales representative and the Capricorn was back at base keeping the accounts. To make this a successful loving relationship, the Capricorn will probably have to make majority of the sacrifices. Their underlying fear of being rejected holds them from letting go and throwing caution to the wind. The Capricorn’s insecure nature needs constant reassurance, and while the Leo will be more than attentive, the outgoing nature of the lion will undermine every word of reassurance.

Leo and Aquarius

A relationship between these two funny Zodiac opposites makes an excellent combination for a long-term partnership. The Aquarius will adore the larger-than-life lion, as long as the lion tries not to place too many restrictions on the airy water-bearer. This sun-Uranus duo are active and extravagant, and quickly fall into step with each other on a deep level. They both enjoy the good life, being impulsive and brutally frank; they tend to know exactly where they stand with each other. It is usually a good combination, particularly when both are in careers that allow them to express their individual skills. And because they are opposites in the Zodiac, it will at times be an outspoken, passionate and often volatile relationship.

Leo and Pisces

It will be make or break, right from the very beginning, for this pair of fire and water signs. At first glance they have lots in common – both are sensuous and passionate, and will enjoy all the trimmings of their romantic natures. Although the Pisces may be too sensitive, for when the kingly beast roars, the will take everything too much to heart. It will take a strong and tough Pisces to tame the elegant Leo. If the Pisces is of the deep sea emotional species, the lion will be completely out of his or her depth and will not be able to cope with the mood changes and lack of desire to party all the time.