Aquarius and Aries

When this duo meet it is the start of an adventure of unpredictable events. They are both well-suited temperamentally, both being active, ambitious, and enjoying a wide range of similar interests. Aries finds the Aquarian unpredictability exciting, while the Aquarius may never feel entirely secure with the Aries’ fiery temperament. But they will not let it get in the way once committed. The Aquarius may or may not allow the Aries to take the leading role, depending on their whim of the day, and will quickly put the Aries firmly in his or her place if they step out of line. Both are equally passionate and eager for adventure, and can make a wonderful couple.


Aquarius and Taurus

At best this is an unlikely combination, the Aquarius is unconventional, and being unpredictable may prove too much for the easy-going Taurus nature. Taurus is conservative, and passionate, while Aquarius operates on a mental plane. Both enjoy ease and comfort but their views on how to obtain them are completely different. The Aquarius is not at the best of times a natural long-term home lover. While they will love their homes, they deeply desire openness and self-expression. They will quickly become uncomfortable and irritable when the Taurus tries to contain him or her; the Taurus likewise becomes annoyed when the Aquarius sets off on some adventure and refuses to be restricted to a timetable.


Aquarius and Gemini

These two air signs make a great couple right from that first glance; there is an immediate meeting of minds, and a sparkle that would warm the cockles of a cold heart. The mercurial Gemini’s mind flickers with delight and passion, when they see the constantly-changing Aquarius. Aquarius being ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprises, is always creating sudden change. This movement stimulates the Gemini’s sometimes overactive mind. They share a taste for travel and love meeting new people. Because both are unpredictable, things can’t always go smoothly. In one way, the more inconsistent each of them are, the more they find they are attracted to each other. In marriage, these two are affectionate, devoted companions – more than passionate lovers.


Aquarius and Cancer

The outgoing and social Aquarius may prove to be too much for the home-loving Cancer. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of eccentricity, so the Aquarian does not under normal circumstances go well with the swinging moods of the Cancer moon. The Aquarius has a need to be independent and will often at a moment’s notice announce that they are off to some other part of the world to save some threatened species. Aquarius is the crusader of the Zodiac, always fighting for one cause or another. If these two somehow manage to get into a romantic relationship, they will very different languages and will probably take every word the wrong way. This duo is better being friends, where they will have great fun and lots of laughs.


Aquarius and Leo

A relationship between these two funny Zodiac opposites makes an excellent combination for a long-term partnership. The Aquarius will adore the larger-than-life lion, as long as the lion tries not to place too many restrictions on the airy water-bearer. This sun-Uranus duo are active and extravagant, and quickly fall into step with each other on a deep level. They both enjoy the good life, being impulsive and brutally frank; they tend to know exactly where they stand with each other. It is usually a good combination, particularly when both are in careers that allow them to express their individual skills. And because they are opposites in the Zodiac, it will at times be an outspoken, passionate and often volatile relationship.


Aquarius and Virgo

These two signs are both rational and intellectual; there is an immediate meeting of minds. Unfortunately this is where the similarity ends. The Aquarius is progressive, adventurous and warm by nature, while the self-contained Virgo, when under pressure, can be emotionally cold. The Virgo finds it difficult to understand the progressive outgoing nature of the Aquarius, while the Aquarius in turn finds it difficult to understand the Virgo’s over-cautious nature and desire for financial security. The Aquarius is independent, humanitarian and probably cares more about other people, than they do about themselves. At the end of the day this duo will find it difficult to meet on any level.


Aquarius and Libra

It is love and romance all the way, when these two lovers of the Zodiac swing into each other’s orbits. The progressive Aquarius finds the Libra’s independent and artistic nature alluring. Neither are likely to make too many demands on each other, both will be too busy doing their own thing. They will probably only meet late at night to catch up on each other’s latest adventures. They both enjoy the good life, being impulsive and brutally frank, so they tend to know exactly where they stand with each other. It’s usually a good combination, where love will find its one place within this unusual relationship.


Aquarius and Scorpio

This relationship seems to be doomed right from the very beginning. The Scorpio will simply not tolerate the Aquarius’s casual independence within the relationship. This is another example where two star signs communicate on completely different frequencies. The outgoing Aquarius finds it difficult to deal with the deeply emotional and jealous Scorpio’s caring and mothering nature. In the beginning there can be a sexual attraction that will be both exciting and fascinating. But when this quickly fades the Aquarius will become unpredictably moody and want to go off on some crusade, while the Scorpio will turn possessive and here starts the cold war.


Aquarius and Sagittarius

Opening a book on this pair is like opening an encyclopaedia of the world. When these two get together they immediately match on an intellectual level. Their rapport will be challenging and exciting, communication will open and frank. If the female is a typical gregarious Aquarius, she will keep her Sagittarius male on his toes. She will make sure that the Sagittarius mate will not want to venture anywhere without her. In turn the Sagittarius will stimulate the Aquarius; together they will make a dynamic, passionate and sensuous couple, which will probably weather any storm.


Aquarius and Capricorn

These two air signs are rational and intellectual. There is an immediate meeting of minds. Both have warm natures, the Aquarius is progressive and adventurous. The cautious Capricorn requires a constant presence in their relationship, of which the Aquarius is unlikely to be able to fulfil. The Capricorn finds it difficult to understand the outgoing nature of the Aquarius; the Capricorn feels it is a lack of concern for important things in life such as security and money and saving for a rainy day. While the humanitarian Aquarius will be looking much further afield and be less concerned about what is happening on the home front, the Capricorn is only concerned about having enough money to pay the bills.


Aquarius and Aquarius

At the very moment this duo meet they will know whether they will get on together or not. When they do, this will be the strangest relationship you will ever see. This delicious and dynamic relationship will find its own level, which will be beyond the comprehension of all those who look on. They will express their love and passion in a vocal and intelligent way, the more they argue the more passion there will be in the relationship, in fact most of the time intellectual stimulation will be more exciting than sex. Like two scientific boffins these two will discuss and probably campaign for Greenpeace, Save the Whales and every other humanitarian group possible.


Aquarius and Pisces

This relationship will probably only work if the Pisces is one of those rare breed of Pisces that is outgoing and adventurous. The basic problem for this watery sign is that they are driven by their emotions while the Aquarius thinks with their minds, most of the time totally removed from their emotions. It is not that they don’t have emotions, they do, it is just that their emotions are stimulated by different things. A relationship for this pair will be a minefield of emotion, both with their maps and compasses, but unfortunately seeking out different destinations.