Aquarius Horoscope for the Week Ahead by Seer Sive

Aquarius Horoscope for the Week Ahead by Seer Sive


10th September to 17th September

Prepare for a week that may seem sombre. Uranus permeates your energy, inducing disconnection from your physical self. Embrace this unique opportunity for spiritual exploration. Dissociation can bridge the gap between your body and soul, allowing conscious awareness to flourish. Trust in your ability to navigate this uncharted territory, where your self-awareness transcends physical boundaries. The journey will be challenging, but perseverance will bring enlightenment.

Singles, this week may see you as a third wheel among friends finding love. Embrace your freedom, for it grants you the latitude to embark on unconventional adventures. Trust in your ability to craft a life rich with opportunities for love. Your time will come when the universe deems it right.

Couples, under the influence of Uranus and Neptune, your relationship may experience emotional turbulence. Heightened sensitivity may trigger conflicts. Exercise patience, refrain from harboring resentment, and await the passing of this storm. Trust that brighter days lie ahead, and maintain a fire of love in the midst of challenges.


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Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. The water bearer, associated with the Greek god Zeus, is a symbol of knowledge, creativity, and humanitarianism.

People born under this sign are often seen as unconventional and rebellious. They are known for their quick wit, intelligence, and ability to see both sides of every issue. Aquarians are also big-picture thinkers who are always looking for new ways to make things work better.