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Third Week of June

People and circumstances have a way of putting obstacles in your path at a time like this. Close relationships, partnerships, and contracts require careful attention: work out the details and be aware of the fine print, or you might end up in a bind. You have to work at this sort of thing, or it falls apart on you. Important financial decisions require more information than you realise at a time like this. It’s important to gather all the facts necessary to give you a realistic idea of what you’re getting into.

For singles: Social relationships are a special focus now. Travel and animated discussions play a part in this. Work on your small talk, you will need it when you meet some new people.

 For those in a relationship: Your goals stand in stark contrast to the goals of others now: adjustments and compromises must be made in the interests of harmony. Failure to take such steps can increase tensions between and others – especially those closest to you. Now is the time to act, because it doesn’t get easier if you let the moment slip by.