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Third week of December

This is a little difficult but also a rewarding week for Gemini.

For singles: You may get an offer this week to go on a really exciting date, but we warned, this person can’t keep this exciting act up. Perhaps you can suggest taking the date style down a notch and getting to know the real them, and things will be more relaxed all round.  

For people in a relationship: Neptune has a pulling-apart effect on your relationship this week. Resist it: don’t let any situation separate you.  Stay together, both mentally and geographically and you’ll do just fine.

There’s some really good astrological happenings this week, just in time for Christmas, and this applies for all star signs. So here’s an overview:

Saturn is fading out of a three-year tour through the friendship zone, so you may look back on those friends you have lost touch with, and those new friends who suit your new interests better. Sometimes you need to go with the new and leave other things behind as you develop yourself.

Mercury is the messenger planet, so as it is coming into focus this week, you may find yourself back in touch via messages with old friends or flames. As for the old flames, it is up to you whether you want to fan those flames or pour extinguisher on them. Either way has consequences, whether you will admit that to yourself or not.

With the Sagittarius Sun leaning in this week, you’ll find yourself surrounded my friends and family, and of course with Christmas coming, it is the perfect set up for this. If someone invites you out, take the opportunity, don’t stay home on the sofa, brave the cold and go have fun.

On Friday, Venus, the love planet with be aligned to the Mercury retrograde, meaning things can get complicated. There’s no advice here, you with what you feel, even if it doesn’t make sense right away.

And finally with Uranus making an entrance this week, you may need to censor your mouth as it releases your inhibitions and gets you into a little trouble.