Which Day of the Week Are You? You Already Know!


What day of the week are you? Before reading more, have a think about it. You already know which day of the week you are! But have you ever considered what day you identify with says about your personality?  This article explores the potential personality traits associated with each day, drawing on folklore and astrology.

Which Day of the Week Are You?

Think about this question before you read on. Write down the day you think you are and why.

Monday: The Moon Child 

Ruled by the Moon in astrology, Mondays are often seen as emotional and intuitive. They might crave structure and routine to feel grounded, excelling at planning and organisation. However, the Moon’s influence can also imbue them with creativity and a nurturing side.

Which Day of the Week Are You? You Already Know, Don't You!

Tuesday: The Mars Warrior 

Dominated by Mars, the planet of action and assertion, Tuesdays possess a natural drive and determination. They’re competitive and energetic, tackling challenges head-on. But watch out for their fiery side – Tuesdays can be prone to impatience and impulsiveness.

Which Day of the Week Are You? You Already Know, Don't You!

Wednesday: The Mercurial Mind 

Mercurial Wednesdays are all about communication and curiosity. This day’s influence fosters quick thinking, adaptability, and a love of learning. Wednesdays enjoy socializing and exchanging ideas, but their focus can sometimes shift quickly.

Which Day of the Week Are You? You Already Know, Don't You!

Thursday: The Jupiterian Optimist 

People born on, or identified with, Thursdays are often ruled by lucky Jupiter. This translates to optimism, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire for growth. Thursdays are ambitious and goal-oriented, inspiring those around them with their positive energy.

Friday: The Venusian Social Butterfly 

Governed by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Fridays are drawn to harmony and aesthetics. They’re social creatures who thrive on connection and enjoy bringing people together. Fridays embrace pleasure and relaxation, always looking forward to the weekend.

Saturday: The Saturnine Independent 

Saturday’s influence comes from Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline. This translates to a self-reliant and determined personality. Saturdays are practical and value hard work, but they also appreciate structure and boundaries.

Sunday: The Solar Leader 

Associated with the Sun, Sundays radiate confidence and leadership potential. They’re naturally charismatic and enjoy being in the spotlight. Sundays crave creativity and self-expression, often seeking out purpose and meaning in life.

Which Day of the Week Are You?

 So, which day are you? And, do your friends and family agree?

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