What is a Full Irish Breakfast These Days?


Our idea of what makes up a traditional Irish breakfast is still intact. Except some people are doing weird things to the Irish breakfast. In fact we should call the police on these people.

By Nicole Buckler

So how has the traditional Irish breakfast changed? A recent survey revealed that 39% of Irish people rate sausages as the most essential ingredient in a Full Irish Breakfast. The survey, carried out by supermarket Aldi, also revealed a variety of unusual “extras” that some of us add to our breakfasts. And by “extras” we mean weird stuff.

On the list of strange additions are spicy wedges, guacamole, steak, chilli flakes and even fried mushy peas. Just. Why.

But here’s one that makes us understand why jail exists. More than a handful of people covered their sausages in marmalade. Marmalade on sausages? I think I just threw up a little in my nose. Marmalade. On sausages. What traitor undertakes such treason.


It was neck and neck in the egg department. Fried eggs beat poached eggs (37% of the vote  vs 33%) and only 2% of people said that they don’t eat eggs with their fry at all. Weirdos.


Just under one third of Irish people revealed that they eat their breakfast at work every day, preferring to spend more time in bed than in the kitchen. I’m sure bosses would be delighted with that news. Not.

30% of people admitted to going in search of a full Irish when they are away on holiday.




More weird people have stated how they eat their fry.

-Pile everything on top of the toast and eat it all in one go

-Spread the black or white pudding on toast, wrapping it around a sausage and dip it in ketchup

-No beans are allowed to touch any of the other food – preferably serve them in a ramekin dish (this came up time and time again.)

-Do not let the yolk of the egg touch anything else on the plate, EVER.



What strange and godawful thing do you do to your Irish breakfast? Actually don’t tell us, we still can’t cope with the marmalade situation.


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