Some Irish Memes To Brighten Up Your Day


There’s one for almost every situation. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of the best Irish memes.  Enjoy with a nice cup of Barry’s / Lyon’s (delete as appropriate).

To start us off, it’s good old Father Damo

Father Ted / Father Damo meme

And since we’re on the subject of Father Ted, let’s leave this here

Father Ted / Mrs Doyle meme


Why does Brenda Fricker always seem to feature as the nation’s mammy?

Irish meme about 12 pubs of Christmas


Of course, our weather spawns its fair share of memes

Scooby Doo meme about Irish red weather alerts


Remember this…

hurricane prep in the U.S. vs Ireland meme


Then there’s political memes, like

Irish meme with muppets character


And of course, Brexit – we’re still stuck in the middle with EU

Ireland meme - picture of Ireland


Stereotypes of Ireland

Irish stereotypes meme


Some better than others…

Irish meme - baby with pint of lager


And there’s that uniquely Irish attitude

Irish woman giving the middle finger


And this oneCute baby rubbing hands together


Graffiti isn’t always bad

Road sign with graffiti


Let’s finish with this

Jules from the Pulp Fiction movie pointing a gun

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