Seer Sive’s Taurus Horoscope for the Week Ahead

18th September to 25th September

Prepare yourself for a cosmic dance of unprecedented proportions as the moon and Mars collide in a celestial waltz. Your aura will be ablaze with newfound confidence, urging you to seize the reins of destiny. The universe beckons you to embark on that daring adventure you’ve been yearning for. This week is your odyssey, your moment of glory, where negativity retreats, making way for boundless optimism. Revel in the euphoria of your own existence. Surround yourself with friends, let laughter cascade like waves at the beach or pulse on the dance floor of a club. This week is your domain, a fortress of unfaltering power and happiness. Embrace it, for nothing can thwart your ascent.

Singles, under the cosmic alignment of Mars and Venus, a magnetic pull guides you towards unexpected romantic encounters. The universe conspires to lead you towards love’s luminous embrace. Have you felt the heaviness of a broken heart, not just romantically but in all aspects of life? Fear not, for this week holds the promise of a special someone crafted just for you. Trust the universe’s timing; your love story awaits.

Couples, the cosmic energies bless your bond with renewed vitality. Your love will flourish as Venus graces your lives. Remember to cherish each other, for in loving them wholeheartedly, you’ll bask in the zenith of your relationship’s strength. Shower your partner with affection and gratitude, reminding them of your unwavering devotion. Let your love thrive, for this is your moment.

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Taurus horoscope: Tauruses have a very regal quality. They are elegant in their work.  They can be stubborn, bull-headed, but they are also great listeners and you can rely on them every time. Have a good week, Taurus!