Scorpio Horoscope – Seer Sive’s Reading for the Week Ahead

Scorpio reading for the week ahead.


18th September to 25th September

A momentous decision looms on your horizon, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Your reputation for indecision faces its ultimate test. Trust the universe to guide your choice, for it carries cosmic wisdom beyond your ken. Your confidence must align with the cosmic flow. The choice may be daunting, but with faith as your compass, everything will eventually fall into place. The universe is your ally; hope for the best as you cross this celestial bridge.

Singles, this week compels you to focus on self-discovery. Amid life’s tumult, maintain your autonomy. Should your instincts lean toward a particular path, trust them and believe in the universe’s guidance. This is your week to shine, your canvas to paint with the brushstrokes of your choices.

Couples, infuse your relationship with a renewed sense of balance. Allow your partner’s wishes to guide the way, accommodating their desires and nurturing their sense of agency. By yielding control at times, you grant your beloved the space to contribute meaningfully to your shared journey. In this delicate dance of reciprocity, you’ll strengthen your bond.


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Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People often see Scorpios as being dark, brooding, and secretive. While it’s true that Scorpios can be all of those things, there’s so much more to this sign than meets the eye.

Scorpios are passionate, intense, and deeply emotional. They feel things very deeply and have a strong sense of intuition. They’re also fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones.

If you’re lucky enough to be friends with a Scorpio, you’ll find them to be some of the most loyal and supportive people you’ll ever meet. But beware – they can also be fiercely jealous and possessive!