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A London doctor has recently reported that he had a strong feeling, or psychic vision perhaps, about the condition of a young girl he had never met. He diagnosed her, and, after the diagnosis, the doctor prevented further serious complications to her health. Even the doctor failed to explain how he did this. Such accounts suggest that unseen spiritual influences may play a role in our lives, whether we choose it or not.

Talking openly about the gradual development of his mediumistic abilities in the first of a two-part interview, Dr Ian Rubenstein, a GP whose practice is in Enfield, north London, told Psychic News editor Susan Farrow about the remarkable experience. The event happened while he was at the gym, where another gym member, Cathy, remarked that her granddaughter had swallowed a plastic pen top the previous day, but now seemed fine. “As she was telling me, I just knew there was a problem,” Dr Rubenstein explained. “There was no doubt in my mind. I had to say something and I’d never had that feeling before.”

Having voiced his concerns and spoken to the paediatric doctor on call – even though he had not even seen the girl – the child’s mother was convinced she needed to arrange for her daughter to have a series of tests. They found nothing amiss. Nevertheless, she was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which specialises in treating children, and under general anaesthetic small barbs from the chewed pen were found embedded in her respiratory tract and were surgically removed.

Where did his “knowledge” that something was wrong with the girl come from? “I know what a sceptic would say,” he responds, “but I veer towards the idea that maybe someone [in the spirit world]was trying to contact me.”

Yvonne Adriaensen-Pols also has a story to tell. For her, the spirit world intervened in a life-threatening situation, and she lived to tell the tale. Yvonne and her husband Roger, who live in Germany, were on board the cruise ship Costa Concordia when it notoriously struck a rock off the Italian coast. Amidst the devastating incident, she says that she knew the crew lacked a proper response to the emergency.

Eventually, in the darkness and confusion, with the vessel almost on its side, the couple became separated. Roger made it safely into a lifeboat but Yvonne found herself totally alone on Deck 3 with water up to her knees. It was a desperate and frightening situation and Yvonne admits she “gave up” hope. So she sent out a thought to the spirits she felt might protect her.

“Well, that’s it,” she told them. “Where are you now?” She recounts, “There was nobody around me – and no lifeboats in sight. Suddenly I was ‘grabbed’ from behind and lifted over the invisible railing (already under water) by … whom? Because there was no one there, but, oh wonder! There was a raft coming and I was sort of thrown on top of it. The next thing I saw were four hands coming from underneath. They pulled me down into the boat.”

There are many accounts just like these about how spirits from the other side have intervened with those on earth in times of terrible danger. So, do you believe? After hearing such stories, it is kind of hard not to.

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