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Phone tarot readings are available with Old Moore’s Astrologer/Tarot Consultant Julian de Burgh.

Phone readings are available worldwide via regular land line in Ireland and Skype for the rest of the world and cost €40 for a 20 minute reading (all inclusive). When you book a reading here, Julian will contact you via email or text as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time, within 48 hours of booking, subject to day and time availability. For enquiries email; [email protected]

Julian de Burgh is a tarot consultant, astrologer and life coach based in Dublin, Ireland. Julian has been working with tarot for 30 years and has been teaching tarot for almost 20 years. In 2000 his first tarot book and deck The Celtic Tarot was published by Random House, London and St Martins Press in the US. In 2002 his second book Tarot of the Celtic Heart was published.

Over the years Julian has had columns with numerous magazine publications and in two national newspapers. For more than five years he had a TV tarot and astrology slot on Ireland’s national TV station RTE, along with a number of slots on Irish national radio stations. In recent years he has been used as a private consultant to a number of large private companies, celebrities and European royalty.

Julian believes that learning tarot should not be difficult, and with this in mind, in his books, he demystifies and has simplified the tarot and takes you back to the basics. “Learn the basics, learn them well, then you can go on your tarot adventure and become a great reader.”


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