Old Moore’s Psychic Predictions For 2019


Our psychic Old Moore has made lots of predictions for 2019 which you can read in this year’s edition of Old Moore’s Almanac. He has also kindly given us some predictions to publish on our website – so here they are:

Crypto-currencies will become more widespread in the future. Many companies and utilities will develop their own crytpos so customers can pay in advance, eliminating the need for accounts departments. It will all be automated

Antarctica will be in the news all year

Litecoin will spike in value

Retail will fail … malls will be redesigned as food and entertainment spaces

Some scientific discoveries about the sun and how it works will boggle our minds

Sexual misconduct cases will be huge in 2019

North Korea will head for democracy

Trump controversy will continue but he will dodge impeachments and continue to be popular

Oprah will go into politics.

Records colds and heats are coming

Global migration slows down

A nuclear accident is on the cards

Satellites and other cosmic items will hit the earth

Spain’s economy will struggle

Two new planets will be discovered that could immediately support human life

The Canadian dollar will fall and Canadians will emigrate to Europe

African migrants will head for New Zealand

That’s all our website predictions, but there’s plenty more of them packed into the 2019 Old Moore’s Almanac along with our fascinating articles. Read about weather control in the future, underground urban farms, the Irish storytelling tradition, hi-tech gadgets for your pet and lots more. You’ll also find your annual horoscope, information about fairs and marts, horse-racing fixtures and times for tides, sunrise and sunset.

While you’re here, why not check out how many of the 2018 website predictions Old Moore got right.

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