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Painting of Buenos Aires by Richard Adams (1832)

A History Of The Irish In Argentina


The Irish diaspora, a diverse community with a common heritage, inhabits every corner of the globe. The story of one far-flung community in South America, which grew to become the fifth largest Irish diaspora…

lots of empty yogurt cartons

Here’s To Our Plastic Fantastic Future


There are times when I despair for the future of our planet. I’m usually in the supermarket when this happens, muttering to myself about the impossibility of buying anything that’s…

Essential Life Hacks


Here are some hints and tips from our 2018 edition to make your life a little easier.

Holistic Therapies For Animals


Holistic therapies for humans have grown in popularity over the past number of years. Many people use these therapies to manage chronic health problems, or just to stay healthy. But…

update written on a blackboard

Old Moore’s 2018 Predictions: the Post-Mortem


Old Moore’s Almanac, that much-loved institution, has been published annually since 1764. Over the course of its long history, it has intrigued and fascinated readers with its amazingly accurate predictions.…