Morgan Bullock: American Irish Dancer Taking Social Media By Storm


Morgan Bullock: You’ve probably already heard of her, but if you haven’t, then here’s a catch-up.

Morgan is from Richmond Virginia. She caught a fascination with Irish dancing. Now she mixes in a little hip hop and she’s doing wonders for the Irish dancing cause in America.

Bored during the pandemic, she decided to make a video of her Irish dancing, but to a remix of a rap song by Megan Thee Stallion. The song, called “Savage” was a collab with Beyoncé.


She wasn’t going to post it. But, her mum loved it, as mothers do, and persuaded her to post it. Up it went online in May of 2020.

The video was only 12 seconds long, but it was all it took.

Social media loved it. Millions of people watched it and shared it. Then Beyoncé’s mum got wind of it and shared it on her social media. The fusion of hip-hop and Irish dancing was fresh, interesting. The flames of its hotness were fanned by the fact that everyone else was locked up in the pandemic too. It was just the sauce the spicy cough needed.

The best thing about the short clip is that she is just really enjoying herself, just casually being excellent at dance.

After her clip went gangbusters, the Taoiseach invited her to Ireland for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Covid put the kibosh on that, however.  But, things still were looking up: Riverdance asked her to perform with them when they hit Virginia.

Now, she’s having her 15 minutes, which she’s loving, and hopes it will lead to other things.



here’s what I’ve been up to since I last posted on here! #dreamjob #irishdance

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Her mother, Yolanda Bullock always thought her daughter would learn ballet or hip-hop. But Irish dance? When she was little, and at dance school, one of her teachers got up and did an Irish jig in the break. Something about that solo jig grabbed Morgan, and she asked her mum to do this new style of dance.

Her mother said, that after the jig, “I heard about it constantly.” So they went to see the dance teacher who agreed that Morgan would be a good fit. She dropped her other styles, and then focused on Irish dance. The rest, as they say, is history.

You can follow Morgan on YouTube here.

And on Tik Tok here

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