Irish Helicopter Vs the UFO


The identity of the intruder and where it landed – if, indeed, it did land – remain unanswered questions. Why there was no follow-up by the authorities is also a mystery. The use of the word ‘guy’ is unusual in aviation parlance, and its use to represent an unknown aerial object prompts the idea that all of those involved may well have known what the object wasn’t, that it was not merely a conventional aircraft, but that they would not openly say so over the airwaves. After all, if there was even the remotest possibility that what was seen was an aircraft in distress, or a flare from a boat in need of assistance, then the sea rescue authorities would surely have been contacted immediately. According to the Air Corps, the watch manager at Dublin Airport did not file a report in relation to the incident, while the aircrew could apparently recall other incidents, but not this one. Officialdom decreed that it did not happen, yet the whole episode was recorded.


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