The Ghosts That Haunt The City Of Cork


County Cork’s paranormal occupants first caught my eye after reading a survey carried out by AA Ireland. The report stated that 15.5 per cent of people from Cork claimed to have seen a ghost, more than any other county in Ireland. The more I researched County Cork, the more paranormal occurrences I discovered. There were sea and lake monsters, road ghosts, haunted houses, witchcraft and demonic hounds of hell.

County Cork’s diversity of supernatural entities should not be underestimated. So do I believe all the stories in this book? Of course not. Even for tales of the paranormal, some of the anecdotes in these pages are pretty strange. Some of these stories are popular and are still shared over a pint of local brew. A few are old and have been almost forgotten. Others are published here for the first time. Regardless of whether you or I believe the tales, just remember that reality is subjective, and someone, somewhere, at some point in time took these stories as canon.

 By my very nature I flit between scepticism and open mindedness when dealing with tales of the paranormal. I have seen some pretty weird things over the years, but nothing that could not be put down to coincidence, optical illusion or just being caught in the moment. Most people who know me are surprised by my disbelief. Over the past two decades I’ve collected over 9,000 stories with supernatural elements, a strange hobby for a sceptic, surely?
The truth is I have a need to seek things on the edge of reality. Every human experience should not be explained away by science and psychology. I want strange unknown creatures to swim beneath the sea, I want dark unlit roads to be walked by phantoms and I want empty castles to be home to occupants long since departed. My hope is that you can share my enthusiasm and need to believe in something under the skin of normality.

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