Has A Little Ice Age Started?


A new book says global warming is NOT happening, but a mini-ice-age is upon us.

The winter of 2014/2015 winter was brutal in parts of Europe, Canada, and in the U.S. In 2018 Ireland experienced yet another very cold winter. There have been volcanic eruptions, severe winter storms, devastating floods and heavy ice coverage all of which relate to reduced sunspots and increased cosmic rays. And this doesn’t make sense to Lawrence Pierce, who was so convinced that we have it wrong that he put hands to keyboard to write a book about what he has discovered.

Pierce claims that a regularly-occurring 200-year solar cycle is upon us. This cycle, he says, has been recognised by science for at least 1000 years. It brings cold and snow, but also warm periods to Earth. And he is detailing his finding in his book called A New Little Ice Age Has Started.

Pierce is a retired litigation lawyer, who arrived in Hornby Island, just west of Vancouver in Canada, to grow organic grapes and blueberries in 2003. This was at the end of the Twentieth-Century warm period. He soon realised that the climate was changing, not as promised by Al Gore and the global warming advocates, but rather in the other direction. After two good crops, his grapes failed three years in a row.

After researching global warming for several years, he now claims that there is a large body of scientific opinion, based on observations and history that lead to only one conclusion: rather than getting warmer, the earth was getting colder, much colder. He says that the winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15, along with many other factors, are convincing proof that we are entering a new “Little Ice Age.”

Says Pierce, “My experience as a trial lawyer gave me the skills to sift the evidence carefully, and present facts and arguments that will convince even the most devout believers in global warming.” Just before publication of this book, the world’s foremost expert on solar cycles declared that, just as he had predicted for the last decade, the earth’s 19th Little Ice Age had already started. Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov of the prestigious Pulkovo Observatory, and the supervisor of the Astrometria project of the Russian section of the International Space Station has studied the sun for his entire career.

Pierce argues that fewer sunspots warn of colder seasons, and that our weather today is like the beginning of the last Little Ice Age. Says the author, “Alarmists, working with the U.N., and green special interest groups have left humanity unprepared for extreme cold, heavy snow and crop failures. Facts about solar cycles, well known to many scientists, were concealed from the world in the rush to promote global warming.”

So is it global warming or a mini-ice-age that we are facing? You decide for yourself: you can buy the book here.

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