Garden Gadgets That will Make You Look like a Pro-Gardener


We have all done it. We have had one too many at the pub, tried to dance like Michael Jackson and Madonna (at the same time) and come home to find we have somehow managed to lose our keys, wallet, phone and dignity. But instead of sleeping in the rose bush and waking up to a cat peeing on your face, there is now an ingenious solution to this hungover mess. It’s called Sprinkler Hide-A-Key.

As long as you don’t get drunk again and tell everyone where your keys are, you’ll be able to come and go as you like and nobody will steal your rubbish collection of Star Wars memorabilia. The way you hide your keys in your garden is easy. The keys just simply get popped into a container that looks like a sprinkler head, and this then gets pushed into the ground. It’s made of a tough water-tight plastic case, which holds multiple keys. To buy one click here.


Take our advice, and soon your garden will look like you can actually accomplish something. Well done, you!


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