Future Predictions of 2040: A Transformed Landscape by Old Moore


In 2040, the world as we know it will have undergone profound transformations. Future predictions on technological advancements, societal shifts, and environmental changes are poised to reshape our daily lives, work, and global interactions. From the integration of AI in every facet of society to significant strides in sustainable living and renewable energy, the future promises both challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

Join us as we explore the anticipated innovations and developments that will define the landscape of 2040, offering a glimpse into a world where the only constant is change.

Future predictions: Healthcare is now wildly unfamiliar

Hospitals are a mere shadow of their former selves. Gone are the sterile white walls and the constant hum of machinery. Today, they are centres for treating injuries – a consequence of a decline in chronic illnesses.

Thanks to genetic engineering, cures for cancer, and AI-powered health monitors keeping a constant eye on our well-being, hospitals are now places for patching up broken bones.

Future predictions: Megacities decamp 

After supply chain failures, and cities being cut off from food and other supplies, people decamp from megacities. They move to central parts of countries and create smaller communities with food security.

Transportation infrastructure adapts to a more rural population spread across the country. We will be flying in drones rather than driving on roads for long distances.

Future predictions

Future predictions: Cryptocurrencies

Physical currency is a relic of the past, replaced by the ubiquitous digital kind. This shift has fostered a world where trust lies in complex algorithms rather than traditional institutions.

Bitcoin is the global currency and people can go anywhere in the world and spend it, it is borderless and not controlled by any entity. This stabilises the money system worldwide.

Future predictions: Travel dies off

Travel, once a global phenomenon, has become a luxury due to the rise of virtual reality. Imagine experiencing the vibrant chaos of a Parisian market or the serene beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from your living room. VR feels as real as life, making travel redundant. People no longer watch TV or movies; they gather with friends for online adventures to Mars or in virtual bars!

VR on Mars predictions for 2040

Future predictions: Energy emancipation

The reliance on sprawling power grids is a thing of the past. A decentralised energy revolution empowers communities. Think compact, personal energy sources, a miniature nuclear reactor for every home and car, providing clean and sustainable power directly to homes and businesses.

Furthermore, the “cubes,” known by that name, could represent the ultimate in eco-friendly and renewable energy, completely transforming our way of life and work.

Future predictions

Future predictions: The rise of micro-nations and A shrinking world

The political landscape has fragmented. Large nations like the U.S. have split along ideological lines, creating smaller countries based on shared values. Just as the USSR dissolved, regions like the EU and Asia will follow, prioritizing local governance and independence.

In addition, a shrinking world results to declining birth rates have led to a vastly smaller global population. Real estate in megacities is worth decreasing amounts. Land is a big deal.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Digital Dominance

AI will be a constant presence in our lives, but it won’t be a Terminator-style takeover. Instead, it will seamlessly blend into our routines with constant health monitoring, crash-proof self-driving pods, assistance in daily tasks, and a significant reduction in violent crime.

On the other hand, digital dominance includes biometric IDs are the norm, streamlining identification and transactions.

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