You Can Now Pay for Your Coffee in Galway With Your Smart Phone

You Can Now Pay for Your Coffee in Galway With Your Smart Phone


Hankering for a coffee in Galway City? Want to be über futuristic and use your phone to pay rather than with that barbaric method called CASH? Well, now you can.


Yes, paying with cash is now for savages and luddites. Now you can pre-order and pay at any time, from any device, and pick up your coffee without touching germy coins.

So where is this mythical unicorn-like business that lets you pay for scalding hot beverages on your smartphone? It is Galway-based coffee house, the Red Eye Coffee Roasters. They will be the first venue in Ireland to offer customers the ability to order and pay on their mobile devices with a system called Wi-Q. The service is aimed at busy office workers in a suburb called Ballybrit. These workers don’t want to queue for food and drinks, like the cave dwelling beings who want to pay with cash. Oh no, these modern humans embrace technology and order their stuff at the time they want to pick it up and they pay for it first. You can log on at your desk at 11:00am and order your lunch for a 12:30 pick up. Ahhh! Nice! These are the kind of people who will be the first to have robot helpers (and robot lovers). We like early adopters. They take the risks and we watch while they have either major success or are overcome by early glitches and bugs. Thankfully, it’s mostly the former.

Wi-Q uses unique mobile ordering technology that allows customers to browse, order and pay from any mobile device without queuing or waiting for service. The award-winning technology has already got a foothold in England, and plans to expand here with similar enthusiasm.

Says Steve Delaney, director of Red Eye Coffee Roasters, “We are very excited to be introducing Wi-Q to our customers. We’re in a great position here on the Racecourse Business Park, with around 10,000 people working on the site and the Red Eye Café is a popular venue, especially during peak times. This new technology means customers can order and pay for food and beverages at any time, from any device. When you’re grabbing a coffee on the way to work, re-fuelling on your lunch break or rushing off to a meeting, you want to get your order and enjoy it, not wait in a queue.”

Says Jon Gowing, Business Development Manager at Wi-Q , “We’ve delivered a solution that will enable customers to browse the menu, pre-order, pay and choose a collection time that suits their schedule. Wi-Q is perfect for busy coffee houses and can make a huge difference to waiting times.”

Want to try it? Orders can be made at Here’s a demo:

Just give me the coffee. Now.

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