WORK NAPS! Are European Siestas the Future?

WORK NAPS! Are European Siestas the Future?


Global warming is apparently upon us. And with the latest heatwave comes new ideas. Namely, should we make like Spain and have a siesta in the middle of the day?


An Ostrich Pillow can make all your work nap dreams come true.


We are Irish, and our breaking point is 25 degrees Celcius. So as the heatwaves ripped through the country last year, we all thought we were “roasting.” In truly hot countries, this is a time when human beings demand a nap and damn well have one, as it is too hot for anything else except scoffing ice creams and lying in the deep freezer.

Well a forward-thinking company has decided now is the time to start flogging “nap pods” to companies. They think that with global warming, we delicate flowers will need to avoid sweating our way through the working week. Paragon Interiors Group say NO to a drained energy and productivity issues brought on by the weather… and YES to napping pods.

Paragon is a design and fit-out specialist, creating working environments for large companies. Whilst it has been known for its more creatively minded clients to install rope-swings in reception, themed-bars in the breakout areas or even plastic cows in reception, one design concept is becoming more prevalent, especially as the temperatures soar. Spoiled office workers are starting to ask, “can we have somewhere to grab 40 winks?”

Says Paragon’s CEO Alan Hardy, “These aren’t gimmicks. As designers, your job is to put forward solutions that are totally holistic and that actually work within the client’s organisational culture. People spend more and more time in the office so ‘power naps’ are becoming more commonplace in people’s minds, if not quite yet in practice in the colder countries. Just 19 minutes is said to be the optimal time to reboot the system – a bit like pressing ‘control, alt, delete’ on your internal processes.

“This isn’t about doing something because it is trendy or what Google might do – it has to fit the organisation – but when considered properly, it is a good fit for many businesses. Looking after employees is now seen as essential, not optional, especially in those organisations that are competing for the top talent. Companies now offer free fruit, early afternoons off to get home to the family (in our own case on a Friday) or things such as free gym membership, games rooms and themed breakout and meeting areas under the ‘kidult’ approach.”

But not all bosses are impressed by the installation of nap pods. If you boss says “no way” to a nap pod, there is always the ostrich pillow. Sure it’s not at all cool. BUT imagine the zzzs you could catch at lunch!

The concept of a nap is of course a staple for many workers in warmer clients across the world. Some commentators have attributed it (in Spain at least) to an outmoded policy of the Franco regime, where he attempted to match their working day with their German allies in the different time zone. And it has never faded away. And why not? Cos most people would love a good nap on the boss’ clock.

Google, renowned for its off-beat approach to the workplace and thriving creativity, has installed “nap pods” at its famed Googleplex in Mountain View. And the idea of a power-nap is advocated by many business gurus to recharge batteries for peak performance.

Dare you ask your boss for a nap pod? I think, HELL YES. let’s all nap our way into the global warming meltdown.


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