Will Ireland Have the Hottest Day Ever in 2015?

Will Ireland Have the Hottest Day Ever in 2015?



Paddy Power is saying it will be a scorcher. But Old Moore says…probably not.

So we face the Irish question yet again…will we get a good summer? Or any summer? Even just a day of sunshine? An hour?

Let’s see what others are saying. Famous Kiwi weather predictor Ken Ring has gone on record as saying that summer in Ireland in 2015 will be sunnier than the average, with an average rainfall. He is big on emphasising that Autumn will be sunny and warm. But Mr Ring isn’t always right. Why don’t we ask someone who is?

So what does Old Moore say? Well our inhouse psychic has become well known for his accurate weather predictions. The weather predictions have been spot-on so far this year. For example, the prediction for January was that it would be very blustery at first. And it WAS very windy and uncomfortable. Everyone got a free blow dry whether they wanted it or not.

February was predicted to be cold but golden. And yes while it was very cold in February we had a lot of winter sun. It wasn’t enough to get a tan, of course, but still at least ice slushies weren’t being thrown at us from the sky, which is a nice change.

A prediction for April was that it would be rainy then sunny. It was very rainy the first few days then the sun shone on us again making us think that global warming was upon us and we nearly panicked that we might have to buy sunscreen.

There was also a prediction that spring would arrive early and we had a lovely warm start to April. This panned out nicely. But alas, Mother Nature decided to revoke her initial good mood. May is predicted to be largely good, although for June it’s not so good: spring is predicted to go backwards. A good idea is to make all the floors in your house into a tanning bed in preparation.

Overall, Old Moore has predicted a mixed-weather year, and he has made a point of not being overly optimistic about his weather forecasts this year. So as for betting that 2015 will achieve the hottest day on record? Old Moore doesn’t think the scorcher will happen. SAD FACE!

But Paddy Power is holding fast.  They have slashed the odds on 2015 having the hottest day on record in Ireland. The bookie now makes it 4/1 for the mercury to surpass the previous record of 33°C degrees Celsius having previously offered odds of 8/1. Elsewhere, Paddy Power make it 2/5 for the top temp of 2015 to be warmer than last year’s warmest day (28.8°C) while it’s 20/1 for a nationwide hosepipe ban to be imposed. Féilim Mac An Iomaire, a spokesperson for Paddy Power, said “Dust off the shades and slap on the sunscreen because if we’ve got our odds right we could be in for a hell of a summer.”

Here are the odds:

4/1 To have the hottest temperature on record

Highest Temperature 2015
10/1 25°C or under
10/1 25.01 to 27°C
3/1 27.01 to 29°C
2/1 29.01 to 31°C
9/4 31.01 to 33°C
4/1 Over 33°C

Top Temp Match Bet
7/4 2014
2/5 2015

20/1 Nationwide hosepipe ban to be imposed
40/1 CSO to report record work absenteeism

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying sunscreen just yet…


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