What Starsign You Are Can Predict How Much You Earn

What Starsign You Are Can Predict How Much You Earn




Sounds strange, but it’s true. Your place on the astrological birth chart could affect your working life.

Qualifications and experience are perhaps most likely to influence a person’s job prospects and working life. But it seems their star sign may have an impact too.

An infographic published by British job site reed.co.uk, shows the results of a survey of more than one million jobseekers in September 2013. It examined birth dates, but also compared these with other information such as earning power and company loyalty. And there were some fascinating results.

Capricorns are most likely to be able to earn the best salary, with males raking in an average of £23,927 a year and females taking home an average of £20,644. Also coming in as higher earners were Taureans (males £23,900, females £20,611), Scorpios (males £23,892, females £20,621), Arians (males £23,900, females £20,601) and Virgos (males £23,855, females £20,649). Unfortunately for Sagittarians, they were found to be at the bottom of the earnings scale, with males and females born under this star sign earning an average of £23,676 and £20,542 respectively.

Aquarians (males £23,868, females £20,562), Leos (males £23,700, females £20,574), Cancerians (males £23,849, females £20,485) and Geminis (£23,817, females £20,533) were also relatively low earners compared to their peers born under different signs.

Star signs that earn most:

Star signs that earn least:

Pisceans were found to be most loyal to their employers, as they stayed in jobs for an average of 28.9 months before moving on. Whilst Pisceans demonstrated the most loyalty, female Scorpios were the quickest to head to pastures new, staying in jobs for an average of only 25.8 months.

However, there were also differences between the sexes when it came to expectations. For example, female Arians expected to earn £3,299 a year less than males under the same sign, while male Aquarians typically stay in a job for almost five months longer than their female counterparts.

Now…who’s off to ask for a raise?



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