Top Wedding Trends For 2017

Top Wedding Trends For 2017


Getting hitched in 2017? Here’s some ideas for you to either fawn over or savagely ignore.

Wedding trends come and go like the tide. So these could be obsolete by the time you get to the end of the article. One thing we can be sure of is that the number of people getting married is falling and fast. But if you are still planning to drag some poor human up the aisle with you, here are some ideas.

As wedding photographers, this is what  George Street Photo & Video say they are seeing a lot of lately.

-DONUT WEDDING CAKE: Why get rid of the traditional wedding cake in favour of donuts? Because you might as well give the people what they love – fried pastries! Plus, donuts are a memorable replacement for cake, especially if you get creative with the presentation.


Nom nom nom.

-CROWNS: Bridal crowns are hot and can be created to achieve almost any look – from a romantic floral crown to a glamorous crown of jewels. Brides have embraced crowns for their flattering look and because they’re a departure from the expected.


Bridal crowns: all the rage.

-MISMATCHED BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSES: Brides are often relieved to hear that mismatched dresses for the bridal party are not only acceptable but “en vogue.” After all, it can be difficult and stressful to find one perfect dress that is the right fit for each person and her fashion preferences.


Mismatched dresses… let women choose their own dresses so there are no fights and hair-pulling.

-NIGHT VIEWS: Gorgeous wedding photos taken at night are a hot trend, thanks to the romantic, modern look of evening landscapes and starry skies. Photographers can get especially creative with lighting after the sun goes down.


Who turned out the lights?

ONLINE PLANNING: We do everything else online, so why not plan a wedding that way? It can be the most time-efficient method of shopping around for locations and services and finding great ideas. But there are other trends that are spreading like wildfire, especially for those who like their social media.

According to The Knot Social Media Survey 2016, not only are brides using their mobile devices more often once they get engaged, they’re also increasing their use of social media. It is now used to announce the engagement, share moments throughout the wedding planning journey, discover new ideas, connect with vendors, and post honeymoon experiences after their nuptials.

Eight out of ten couples report implementing an idea they found on social media that they had not previously considered on their own.

Three out of five brides surveyed reported announcing their engagement on social media within the first 24 hours of saying “yes,” and a total of 86% shared their news within the first week.

Once they’ve said “yes,” 62% report increasing their social media usage, with 7 out of 10 admitting to using social media for wedding planning more than anything else. The top three social media channels used during wedding planning are: Pinterest (89%), Instagram (38%) and Facebook (38%).

Wedding Hashtags Are the Ultimate Stamp of Personalisation. Once the word is out, couples focus on creating a personalised wedding hashtag to share photos leading up to and throughout the wedding day. Sixty six percent of couples, up 11% from 2014, plan on using or have used a personalised hashtag in conjunction with their wedding.

Couples spread the word about their wedding hashtag by including it on their personal wedding website (46%), and printing it on reception tent cards (25%), wedding programs (22%), save-the-date cards (18%) and formal invitations (10%). In addition to encouraging friends and family to use their wedding hashtag, 26% of brides report asking vendors to also use their hashtag when posting photos related to their wedding.

Custom Geofilters on Snapchat are the Best Kept Secret…for Now. Only 30% of brides report being aware they could create and purchase a custom Snapchat geofilter for their wedding day and wedding-related events, but of those, 44% actually created one and used it. An additional 30% are considering it for their upcoming nuptials.

Couples Take a Break on the Wedding Day and Leave the Photo Sharing to Guests. Couples are leaving the posting to guests on the wedding day, with three out of four couples (74%) saying they want to be disconnected from social media on their wedding day. Nine out of 10 (90%) wedding guests ages 18-24 and 61% of guests ages 35-50 posted about their friend or family member’s wedding on social media.

Within the first 24 hours of getting hitched, 70% of brides admit to sharing about their nuptials on social media, and once they’re on their honeymoon, 70% post throughout their getaway.


So there you go. Donuts, fight-free bridesmaids, and hashtags. Welcome to 2017.


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