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In the older Alamancs (pre-1960) rebuses were all the rage. They are a bunch of words thrown together, in a clumsy type of poem. And they wanted YOU the reader to find the mystery word inside them.

Here, we want YOU to solve the rebuses of the old days. Rebuses are a puzzle:the answer is usually just one word. The clues are in the paragraphs. Maybe you can catch the rebus fever that hit the Almanac in earlier times. The rebuses below were printed in the 1955 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac. The first two have the answers so you can see what is required of you.  We want you to solve the rest! You might have to ask your favourite pensioner to help you!

Email your answers to and the first three people to solve these rebuses in 1950s-stylee wins a copy of the 2014 edition!


A Christian name, three letters by,

Reveals a king or butterfly.

(Answer: monarch)



Two verbs and a bird arrange and array,

To see what may tell you the time of the day.

(Answer: a stopped clock)


Now you have to solve these on your own.


Before the first, a message last.

You’ll change, dear sir, to see.

On Moore’s belov’d historic page

Your lavs are whole to me.



When first I give I keep it – strange

A tooth curtail the last to win:

These simple parts, my friend, arrange:

I hate the whole–deception men.



Change a bird without a tail,

Clap a number in the centre,

See a sport wherein I fail.

Thro’ the long and weary winter.



Mix some butter in a jar,

It’s loved by Irish near and far.




Wave an overall aloft, then transpose it for a start

Now wed it to a piece of Cockatoo,

“Gladsome eyes and beaming smile,

Festive moments to beguile.

Every inch a champion through and through;

Go find a colour, now blend a vowel

And you’re through,

But place a tiny hyphen in between.

Note the whole in tablet form tinting cheeks a russet-brown,

Whose markers rarely strike for extra coin.



Five letters in alphabetical order,

With two more and a plaything pen down.

Mix up, place a hyphen in centre,

The total see right upside down.



The first is sin, and I abhor it,

I fear I’ll sometime suffer for it:

If we did second all its evil,

We’ll never suffer hell of devil,

Now a note, when all are blinded,

Thine be total, God can send it.




By Etna’s side, the foremost seek,

A fire to last you half a week,

The third a vowel, all rearrange,

May food be whole without a change.




What means exist, reverse, and see.

The downfall of humanity.





Can you solve them? Back then you could win 5 shillings! Now the prize is even better! A copy of the 2014 edition! Play hard people!

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