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Here is a list of the predictions that came true. Makes you want to keep an eye on those for 2013 huh?


Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a baby girl, it will be born in July.

We all already know she’s up the duff. And this baby will be a looker too.And it is due in July. Kudos Old Moore. Kudos.


The weather in 2012 – we have begged, pleaded, bargain, cried and hoped for good weather. We have done everything we can. But now, we have given up and accepted that this year’s weather is going to be hugely rubbish.

Yep. Met Éireann confirms the summer was dullest, wettest and coolest since the 80s, and overall the wettest year since the 60s.


A cruise ship will be damaged at sea, with a fire on board. It will be the first in 3 or 4 problems with large cruise ships world-wide. Be prepared to abandon ship!

This is a very quirky prediction that came true multiple times over, unfortunately.


Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes will split, and it will be Katie who instigates the separation.

Well for most people this was unexpected, but not to Old Moore.


The house market will still keep dropping. However young people can really stomach this type of mortgage so for Generation Y this is a positive thing, even though it’s thoroughly terrible for anyone who bought at the peak.

While there has been a recent minute rise in prices, overall in 2012 house prices dropped drastically.


In celeb news, one or both of Jedward will propose marriage, much to the heartbreak of their audience.

Jedward were famously holidaying with Tara Reid in 2012, and it looked like a whole lot of love was going on in that boat! They probably both propose marriage, although they weren’t lucky in love this time…


There will be a worldwide shortage of rare earth metals (REMs) in 2012. Everyone on earth depends on REMs for everything from electric motors to tiny bits of your computer.

This is true and in fact is becoming a major pain in the neck.




Take advantage of the potential gold super spike and invest in gold early. And by that I mean buy gold bullion, not dodgy jewellery from the man on the corner.


Gold prices are still rising and are expected to keep rising until 2015.





Smartphone sales will surpass PC and laptop sales in 2012, a testament to the human love of communication. Brain tumours caused by the smartphones will be just as popular.

For the first year ever, total PC sales around the world were outpaced by total smartphone sales. Nearly 488 million smartphones were shipped, compared to just (just!) 415 million PCs. There are also a recent spate of article talking about mobile phone and brain tumours/ and also the effects on unborn children. Not so good.


Australia’s economy will bust this year, so for emigrating Irish people, Down Under may not be an option.

In 2012 Australia’s economy definitely fell off a cliff.The property market is now worse than here, if that is possible.



Space tourism is very much in the news.

Space was in the news so much this year we all feel like we are doing an astronomy degree.


Hilary Clinton could also have a cougar moment. And boy does she deserve one.

This is an interesting one. Hilary Clinton has been rumored to have been having lesbian affairs since the inception of her librarian career. And one has stuck. Her relationship with stunning hottie Huma Abedin her traveling chief of staff, has been questioned in the media repeatedly. While no one can prove it is true, if it was true, Hillary, good score!

A baby announcement from Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman will come sometime this year.

Despite denying it repeatedly in the press at the start of 2012, Hotties Amy and Bri are up the duff. Yay!

The big news in March is that cars will hit the road that can talk to each other.  This is all in aid of avoiding crashes, in the same ways that planes do. Sensing a collision, the cars can control parts of the car like airbags and brakes.

This has made news across the world as cars become smarter than humans. Soon we will be able to send them in unmanned missions to Tesco and return with wine and burgers.Beef burgers. Not horse.

There is a new exotic superfood discovered. It emerges from a South American jungle. It tastes a bit gross but it wouldn’t be a superfood without that bitter aftertaste – and offensive price tag.

Yep. Ecuadorean researchers are hailing the chocho – a type of legume high in protein and fibre – as a new type of superfood, brought to the world’s attention in 2012.

A bionic eye will be created this year…all the better to see you with my dear.

There have been some amazing developments with bionic eyes, and also vision restoration for blind people in 2012.


After Jedward’s excellent offering for the Eurovision of 2011, Ireland’s 2012 contribution is an embarrassing affair. But really, in the long run, who cares? We can’t afford to host the event in 2013 anyway, so until we get some cash on board, let’s hope we don’t win.

Yes. But at least we didn’t offer Engelbert Humperdinck as an option.

A dense fog will envelop London airports and cause travel chaos. Make that meeting in Liverpool instead!

Yes the fog has closed Heathrow and other airports in 2012 particularly in October.

J-Lo and Mark Anthony will go on to find new loves.

They did, J-Lo with some hot guy called Casper and Mark Anthony with a drop-dead gorgeous model. Of course he did.

There will be more cutbacks as the government hopes to make savings of around €400 million to help the ailing economy.


In celebrity predictions. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening will split. Nicholas Cage will also split from his wife.

Both of these are probably happening as we speak. Beatty and Bening have had their fair shares of woes in 2012. Cage and his wife had a huge spat in the street recently and the cops were called. Eoou. Hollywood marriages, huh?

China’s boom will soon be bust, which will affect the global economy. China’s bust will be fairly long-lasting, and recovery will come starting in 2015.

Yep, China’s economy has ground to a halt. Maybe with so many out of work they can sort out that pollution problem.


In celebrity predictions, there will be marriage and a baby for Jennifer Aniston.  Every celebrity watcher in the whole world will be having a big sigh of relief that she finally finds THE guy.

She has found the guy. Phew. And she’sstupidly rich, so she has probably had her eggs frozen since 1991. Go forth and procreate hotties…

Prince Harry and fast cars are not a good mix, except if you are the paparazzi and you are in the way.

Ahh Prince of Harry, he should be called the Prince of Fun…naked pool party in Las Vegas? YES PLEASE! But yes the paparazzi has been a roayl pain in Harry’s….

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame will announce their wedding 2012.

This is very interesting. All throughout 2012 Old Moore was saying on his facebook page to watch this space and that they wouldn’t be apart for long. Now, a wedding? We hope so. There’s nothing better than real-life vampire babies.Maybe they told only friends and fmaily…we are dying to know what is going on with these two.

UFOs will be all the rage in 2012.

We saw so many UFO stories in the newspaper this year that we decided to do a feature on it in the 2013 edition. We hope little green men will come and visit us in our office. We have tea and cake waiting.

Old Moore said that U2 would be busy: “The world’s biggest band, will see a divorce, a wedding, a hospital stint, and a baby. And they will make more money than ever…for another country’s tax coffers.”

Adam Clayton married his Brazilian girlfriend, Mariana de Carvalho and they have a baby on the way. Bono has been in hospital for both a bad back and a heart scare. And yes U2 have been in the papers for putting their finances abroad away from the Irish taxman. As for a divorce?

The American power grid suffers a broad failure and many people again are weeks without power. This causes the EU to examine their power grid and operations.

There were two examples of this in 2012. One was from Hurricane Sandy aftermath, plus one in July after heatwaves.


This is insane! Old Moore predicted that Obama would make a gooseberry of himself in relation to healthcare. Well, it seems that some government workers won’t be getting paid. Yikes. But also, he predicted huge web “blackouts” for 2013. American government websites are being shut down.

What do you think of these predictions? Add your comments below…and feel free to provide your own predictions!

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