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Animal Psychic Jackie Weaver is becoming well known in animal-lover circles. Here she tells us how she talks to animals and helps them to convey their illnesses to their owners.

A dear lady, Jean, who sadly had had her eight month old puppy stolen from her a year previously and was broken hearted but still searching in earnest. She did approach me about trying a missing pet task but, as I have explained before, I do not get involved with these kinds of emotional turmoil, as sadly, a high percentage are never found and even if ‘located’ cannot be tracked down in time. A year must have passed, and on a Saturday lunchtime, Jean contacted me asking for urgent help with a young whippet called Jake. Time was of the essence, so she immediately sent me through a picture of this gorgeous four-year-old, fawn and white Whippet. He looked simply divine, sitting on his blanket in the boot area of her car.

As soon as the phone call started, I instantly started to feel bloated with severe pain accompanying it, like my guts had gone into spasm, and feeling ready to burst with it. I put this carefully and gently to Jean and she confirmed that is exactly how she would describe what was happening. I delved deeper and I also described a rather odd picture, with a bit of reticence I might add, of finger-like flanges inside his gut. Jean again recognised this and explained to me that he had been diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia. This is thought to be a congenital condition that basically causes these growths in the gut which then impede the passing of their stools.

Jean is very holistic and, although sought conventional medicine in the shape of high doses of steroids, painkillers etc. from the vet, found a healer who helped Jake’s bloated body reduce back down in size. The vets even agreed to reduce the steroids and painkillers and, for a few months, it looked as if she was maybe going to get her Jake back after all.

He had far more energy and exuberance but, sadly, this was to be his downfall. Being a whippet, his rabbit catching instincts kicked back in and a feast was to be had. He ran like the wind, far into the distance and landed his prey, devouring all that he could before Jean could get to him and take it away.

For such a princely prize, a huge sum was to be paid. For a dog whose diet had been so carefully managed, his gut intolerance went into overdrive. These growth flanges were causing blockages and his system ceased to flow, so the onset of pain was intense. He had deteriorated so fast that he had received veterinary treatment and was at this point attached to a drip. Rather than him being kept at the surgery, they allowed him into Jean’s care, so now she was sitting with him, trying to reassure him and hold a conversation with me. So, in his presence, this sad phone call Jean decided she needed to have to give Jake the opportunity to say exactly what he wanted.

There was the option of an operation to remove the blockages and parts of his intestines which I conveyed to him. He didn’t even pause to answer this; he informed us these abnormalities would just keep coming back so there was no point. ‘Did he want to go and see the healer?’ was the second question. Although Jake was very grateful for the work his healer had done, he said that this was way beyond that now. At this point, I could hear him crying in the background and, as sometimes does happen, I was overcome with emotion and reduced to tears myself.

He then very clearly said, well, begged actually,

“Please let me go, I really want to go. I have had enough.” With tears streaming down Jean’s face, she held him and said she would phone the vet immediately and give him his wish. Jake asked me to thank Jean with all his heart and said he had been, ‘Mummy’s little soldier and that’s the way it was meant to be.’ We finished the call and I sent all the love and strength I could muster to help Jean and him through this.

The phone rang around five o’clock and it was Jean to let me know that he had ‘gone’ now and was out of pain. She understandably was extremely upset but, being the wonderful lady she is, had the heart to let me know as she had involved me in this emotional situation too. I can truly say I was deeply touched, and how she had the strength to call me I will never know.

Like the story above, it is a sad fact that many times in our own lifetime we will suffer the heartbreak of our animals going to Heaven. Something we don’t often hear or think about is an owner dying and leaving the pet needing a new home. Sadly the owner of Tiger, who was Jean’s other Whippet, had suddenly died leaving Tigger urgently needing a new home which is how he came to live with Jean.

A few years later, a friend of Jean’s, who owned a gorgeous blue Whippet, admired Tigger and thought it would be lovely if they could breed a litter from the pair. Jean agreed and so they waited for her friend’s bitch to come into season. Very sadly, her friend died unexpectedly, and when her bitch came into season very soon afterwards, the lady’s husband felt that they should go ahead and fulfil her wishes. The result – Jake and nine others! What a wonderful legacy of a friendship.

Although father and son, with Tiger five years senior, they played and bounced about like two kids and the balance was slightly restored. As you have read, this was not to last and, although Tiger was extremely sad, we talked to him and he assured us that Jake was now out of pain and just gone to another place. He also wanted to report on Jake’s spiritual visit. He relayed the conversation from the house when Jean thought her husband had opened the back door and he thought vice versa. I reminded her of the conversation and she laughed and said it was spot on but what was it relevant to?

Tigger explained that it was Jake visiting and that the door was not properly closed so he had pushed it wide open to make his presence known. Jean immediately remembered the ‘bunting’ feeling on the back of her leg, another one of Jake’s little personal touches. He had not made his presence so overtly aware since but I hear it so often, including us humans too, that they come back to say a last goodbye. In my own opinion, I tend to think this is actually also confirming to the spirit that they really have passed over and are no longer a physical being, so can then move on spiritually. As I have explained before, although they have left the ones they loved down here, they are meeting many loved ones who had gone to Heaven before them.

Tiger was not without his own physical problems too. He was quick to pass me a strange pins and needles feeling from his right back foot and this was associated with the accident from a few years previously. When I say accident – a very serious spinal injury, causing severe damage to his top two vertebrae. I asked him to show me how he had done it and he showed me him running full pelt then going head over heels and landing badly on his neck. It turns out this wasn’t the first time he had tried to ‘brake’ when the impulsion of his body had carried on, so it all made sense and another mystery solved

Jean explained to me that after Tiger’s spinal surgery he was paralysed for three months and completely dependent on her and her husband for everything. Now some people reading this might think ‘how awful to keep a dog going in that predicament’ but if you have met someone like Jean then you would understand what total devotion and dedication meant. Some of us can cope with situations like that, others can’t, but that doesn’t make either of us right or wrong, just different. She did all that was needed and within three months, he had recuperated enough to start moving about and very well, considering the invasive surgery he had gone through. So this conversation was taking place a few months further on and, although he was so much better, he was still not right. She had gone through every check possible but nothing was found that could be medically pinpointed. Mind you, if you think about it, a pins and needles feeling, this would be very hard to find, let alone explain. I asked him why he thought it was occurring and he simply explained that there was nerve damage so things were not flowing as they should and that acupuncture was the way to go. I recommended a vet to her (bizarrely, there is a rule that only vets can do acupuncture on animals, which takes some understanding as there are some fantastic acupuncturists out there that do nothing but acupuncture, day in and day out) that I knew of that had a good reputation. Jean contacted her and she ethically said she needed a referral and, unbelievably, Jean’s own practice did acupuncture too, just didn’t advertise the fact!

Tiger had two treatments and then we had a chat. The change was remarkable, he could feel more strength and flow in that leg and the pins and needles were diminishing. Also, as a bonus, because acupuncture often treats more than just the area concerned, he reported that his breathing was better and this was from a higher oxygen flow. So great news all round and a good indication of how alternative therapies can do amazing work, like it also did for Teddy in the Getting the Needle story. The more cases with positive outcomes from alternative treatments like acupuncture, the more vets might push it to the fore – well, here’s hoping anyway! Tiger is now running round like a two year old again and I do hope he has learnt how to work his ‘brakes’ and will have many more happy and painless years ahead of him.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Jean not long ago at a local country show. She is a lady that is so full of heart and not just for the animals but people too. I was honoured to be allowed to help with Jake’s passing and to improve Tigger’s quality of life too. These two little boys had been through courageous battles in their own individual way and I thank Jean, as I am sure they both do, for the love and strength of courage she has shown.


Here is Jackie on ITV, explaining her gift.



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