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Research Shows Link Between Astrology and Fertility

An online program designed to help medical professionals swiftly identify optimal dates for fertility treatments based on astrological indications may be coming soon to a clinic near you. Astrologer Pat

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Capricorns…The Biggest Marital Cheaters?

 Extra-marital dating site IllicitEncounters.com has discovered that star signs play an important role in identifying cheaters. Can star signs predict cheating patterns? Capricorns are typically serious, practical characters, so seeing

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Why You Sleep Less When the Moon is Full

Professor Christian Cajochen, at the University of Basel in Switzerland, feared his discovery might cause peers to regard him as a “lunatic” when he inadvertently stumbled onto an important research.

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You’re More Likely to be a Celeb if You’re An Aquarius

A statistical analysis of birth month and celebrity finds that individuals born under certain astrological signs are more likely to become famous. So is this the stars at work? Or

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Look to the Skies

Are you looking for a personal Christmas present for that special person who has EVERYTHING? Well now is your chance to buy a very special present.   We are all