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Valentine’s Day Memes… For Those That Forgot to Get a Card

All the Valentine’s Day memes you could ever need in your life…                                    

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Mushfest Romance Festival in Dublin City

Ha’penny Bridge, where the ick-fest will happen. Romance done for you, because you are bad at it. By Nicole Buckler Now that Christmas and New Year have finished fleecing us,

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Top Valentines Day Dates to Pull Someone Hot

Are you trying to pull someone a little bit hotter than you? According to Nicole Buckler, perhaps you might get a win using these sexy moves. Click on the green

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So you Know that St Valentine’s Bones are in Dublin, Right?

In Dublin there is a Shrine of St. Valentine that actually CONTAINS St Valentine. You should TOTALLY worship there. The Carlemites first arrived in Ireland in 1271. Their church, The