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Trees Make Your Street Warmer in the Winter

The Irish people have always worshipped trees, but there is a new reason to be feeling good about our arboreal friends. Even a single urban tree can help moderate wind

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As it Turns Out, Trees go to Sleep Too

Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary are using laser scanners to study the day-night rhythm of trees. And yes, they go night-night just like us! They even slump over like

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Ireland’s Sacred Trees

Enter a fascinating world of trees unique to Ireland with connections dating back over thousands of years. Trees are a precious part of Ireland’s heritage, some remarkable for age or

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Ashes to Trees – What To Do If There Is No Land to Bury You

By 2100 there will be 10 billion people in the world. We won’t have enough space for our own feet let alone for cemeteries. So here’s an idea worth exploring…let’s