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Urbans Forests Will Save Us

We need 20 percent more trees in megacities to clean the air and water, and lower carbon and energy use. So let’s get on that. Planting 20 percent more trees

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Europe’s Lost Forests – Coverage has Halved Over 6,000 years

Ireland has the lowest forest cover of all European countries. More than half of Europe’s forests have disappeared over the past 6,000 years thanks to increasing demand for agricultural land

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Get Ready for the Christmas Tree Throwing Championship 2018

Bring ye one and all to hurl your Christmas trees into the wind. Yes it is that bizarre time of the year again when people throw dead pine trees around

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Living Close to Green Spaces is Associated with Better Attention in Children

A new study has analysed the effect that lifelong exposure to residential greenness has on kids’ behaviour. A while ago, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) discovered that green

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Find Your Tree Soul Mate

Apparently we have a tree soul mate. And here we tell you how to find yours—not with Tinder…but with Timbr. Irish people have always loved trees. In fact, trees have

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