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Grandparents’ Sleeplessness at Night was Designed to Help Younger Relatives

Grandpa or Grandma living with you and awake at night? Put them to work! A sound night’s sleep grows more elusive as people get older. But what some call insomnia

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Does the Moon Affect our Mood or Actions?

Scientists say no… and yet…. Always surrounded by an aura of mystery, the moon and its possible influence over human behaviour has been object of ancestral fascination and mythical speculation

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Why You Sleep Less When the Moon is Full

Professor Christian Cajochen, at the University of Basel in Switzerland, feared his discovery might cause peers to regard him as a “lunatic” when he inadvertently stumbled onto an important research.

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WORK NAPS! Are European Siestas the Future?

Global warming is apparently upon us. And with the latest heatwave comes new ideas. Namely, should we make like Spain and have a siesta in the middle of the day?