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Old Moore’s Psychic Predictions for 2018

Our inhouse psychic, Old Moore, has made some great predictions for 2018. He also has given us some for our web page, so here they are!   -Volcanoes, ferocious weather,

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The Ireland to Britain Bridge – Coming Soon

You may dismiss an Anglo-Irish bridge between Ireland and the U.K as an idea that is never going to happen. But think again, says our inhouse psychic. Our psychic “Old

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A Look Back at the Predictions From the 2016 Edition

Old Moore made some feel-good predictions and some not-so-feel-good predictions in 2016. Here are our favourites. The most insightful prediction from the 2016 edition is the following:  “Unfortunately 2016 will

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Our Psychic on Living in 2025

As many fans of Old Moore’s Almanac know, our in-house psychic has proven to be uncanny at foretelling current affairs. Now he predicts what our lives will be like in

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In the fourth article of this series, our in-house psychic predicts what the world will be like decades into the future…and there is a lot of good news to come.

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