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Enough With the Demeaning Drunk Irish Themes says NY Designer

Irish Today, Hung Over Tomorrow. Let’s Get Ready To Stumble. Each year Irish culture is disparaged on the shelves. Especially in countries far away, where people celebrating Irish events like

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You Must Own These Clothes Immediately

By Nicole Buckler Okay so for those of you who play golf, we know golfing clothes can get a little weird. But if you are at the club all the

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Was St Patrick a slave-trading Roman official who fled to Ireland?   With St Patrick’s Day upon us, a new study asks whether the saint fled his native Britain to

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Special Mixes For Paddy’s Day

Everyone is Irish on Paddy’s day. And you could do what most others are doing and drink Guinness. However drinking a pint of Guinness in the middle of the day

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Slightly Suspect Gifts for the Irish Abroad

Missing your loved ones who have moved to sunnier climes? Remind them of your love with these slightly awful gifts from home. Nicole Buckler reports from the front lines of

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