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The Founder of Old Moore’s Almanac Appears in Old Irish Folklore

Old Moore’s Almanac is a very important part of Irish history, and hopefully always will be. The folkloric story below has been reprinted from the Comet newspaper (dated around 1833).

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Old Moore’s Psychic Predictions for 2018

Our inhouse psychic, Old Moore, has made some great predictions for 2018. He also has given us some for our web page, so here they are!   -Volcanoes, ferocious weather,

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Welcome to Theo’s Blog – July 2017

Old Moore’s Almanac is 253 years old, making its founder – me – about 300 years old. And I am back from that churchyard in Drumcondra, Dublin, to survey all

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In the fourth article of this series, our in-house psychic predicts what the world will be like decades into the future…and there is a lot of good news to come.

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Scientist Warns Against Shark Culling But Old Moore Predicts More Attacks

Old Moore has predicted more shark attacks plus a famous person will have a brush with a shark. In June, National Geographic confirmed that indeed, shark attacks are increasing. So

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