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The Financial Dark Secrets of Today’s Newlyweds

Newlyweds have money secrets, and lots of them. Well this is creepy news. By Nicole Buckler You have to love it when big, rich techy-type companies do surveys just because

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Ever Suffer From Creepy Sleep Paralysis? Then Science Wants to Study You

Of all the creepy scary things that can happen to you in your bed, this has to be one of the most terrifying. Please universe, keep your haunting sleep disorder

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A New Insect Farm Will Make Taipei Self-sufficient in Protein

By Nicole Buckler Insect farming is now a thing. Soon, your burgers could be made from crushed insects. And this very fact alone could save our bacon. In the 2014

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Election 2016.. I Need a Hero… SOMEBODY… ANYBODY

With the election coming up Nicole Buckler finds herself asking… Where is my hero? As a first-time voter in an Irish election, I couldn’t wait to vote. Until I realised

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Read Latest-Release e-Books For Free

By Nicole Buckler Yes, you can download free hot bestsellers without leaving your gaff. It’s legal, it’s all over Ireland, and damn it’s awesome. (I’m telling you this on the

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