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More Extreme Weather is Coming Our Way

Hold on to your hat, Ireland, things are going to get wild. Jet streams are fast-flowing currents of strong air that circle our planet. In Ireland, we can thank the

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What will Happen to Ireland When the Earth gets 5 Degrees Warmer?

We have hit the “no going back” point for global warming. Our little Earth could heat up by nearly 5 degrees by the end of the century. So how will

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New Weather Bot for Weather Obsessives Will Inform You of Every Coming Drip of Rain

For those who need to know what the sky will do to them within the next 5 minutes (like farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, anyone with washing on the line, and people

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Using Nature to Forecast the Weather

Ireland’s weather is wildly unpredictable, and always has been. But there many signs from nature that can give us clues about the coming weather, says the now-famous postman from Donegal,