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The Founder of Old Moore’s Almanac Appears in Old Irish Folklore

Old Moore’s Almanac is a very important part of Irish history, and hopefully always will be. The folkloric story below has been reprinted from the Comet newspaper (dated around 1833).

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Old Moore’s Almanac of 1914: Free Land in Canada, Tragic Shipwrecks and Women’s Rights

We take a look back at the 1914 edition of Old Moore’s Almanac – and what it shows us about life in Ireland at the time. The 1914 edition of

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Welcome to Theo’s Blog – July 2017

Old Moore’s Almanac is 253 years old, making its founder – me – about 300 years old. And I am back from that churchyard in Drumcondra, Dublin, to survey all

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Old Irish Units of Measurement Were Pretty Weird and Cool

I’ll have an ordlach of honey, honey. And a dorn of tea. And make it snappy.   So you think you are having trouble coping with the metric system? Hopefully