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The Next Generation of Robotic Weeders Are About to Hit the Market

Technology is getting rid of herbicides and hand-weeding. Woohoo! Vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions and called “speciality crops” because they aren’t mass-produced like corn, wheat and soybeans. There

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Is This The End of Poultry Farming?

Would you eat a lab-produced egg? Eggs are everywhere, and in everything. The world uses a lot of eggs. But what if those eggs didn’t have to come from chickens?

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Lab-Grown Leather, Coming to a Shoe Near You

Soon, leather will be much more environmentally friendly. Many futurists predict that farming will be scaled back as more and more food production takes place in biotech labs. Scientists are

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Farming is Still the Most Dangerous Job in Ireland

Most at risk: Elderly farmers. Elderly farmers most likely to be involved in fatal work related accidents. The Health and Safety Authority has today released figures for the number of

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Your Robot Gardener Has Arrived

Now you can buy a robot gardener that will fill your garden with gorgeous fresh organic produce, without you even having to go out in the damn rain and do

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