Stalk Love/Hate Star Robert Sheehan With the Help of A Charity

Stalk Love/Hate Star Robert Sheehan With the Help of A Charity


By Nicole Sheehan I mean Nicole Buckler

Robert Sheehan. He first caught our eye as Nathan Young in Misfits, a British science fiction comedy-drama TV show. It starred a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program, where they obtained supernatural powers after getting struck by a strange electrical storm.


You could be in the vicinity of this hotness.

In the series, Robert’s comic timing was exemplary and damn he just looked hot, even when half-buried in a grave. (The other breakout star of this series was Iwan Rheon, who went on to play utter psycho Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.) Robert left the Misfits series after season 2, and the show went horribly downhilll, proving that it was mainly Robert’s star quailty that was keeping the ship afloat.

While Robert caught international attention in Misfits, most Irishers would know him as Dublin gangland member Darren in Love/Hate. The series was stupendously successful in Ireland. But he’s not just a TV star: Robert is also known for his role in the movie Cherrybomb alongside Rupert Grint, and he co-starred in the film Killing Bono as Ivan McCormick.

The County Laois man is now 28 and ladies, I do feel like it is time for him to settle down and create some little humans. And this could be with you. Yep. Follow the instructions below carefully and your stalking dreams can take you from stranger to friendzone to wife in a few easy steps.

A charity called Debra Ireland is hosting a singles event where you can meet Mr Sheehan. (Debra Ireland provides support services for those living with a genetic skin condition epidermolysis bullosa.) The charity are asking  adventurous singles to join them in what they call the “Dingle Mingle.” Okay so while that sounds like a porno, don’t get the wrong idea, no one is going to touch your dingle. Unless you want them to.

The event organisers are looking for both male and female unmarrieds to join with them and climb a mountain or some other horrific activity that lazy people find appalling. Okay it’s not as bad as all that, I’m exaggerating because I’m a total slacker. Ireland’s active singles (you know the ones who like to get sweaty for no reason) will do a three-day trek through the beautiful Dingle Peninsula (up to 25km per day) followed by nights of fun and craic in lively Dingle pubs while staying in a four-star luxury hotel. (Dates: June 17-19.) But ladies here’s the deal. If you sign up, you’ll be doing it with Robert Sheehan. You may get to walk behind him, breathe on him, and make an idiot of yourself in close proximity as you fangirl all around him. Embarrassment is your oyster.

And for the blokes, when Robert rejects the woman you have your eye on, because she is crying and trying to lick his face, then you can scoop her up in your arms (but don’t touch her) and comfort her with your effort to be second-best. Well you might be third-best because Robert’s brother Brendan is also doing this ghastly hike. But you still could win, in the end, if your lady gets doubly rejected by the Sheehan brothers.

Said Robert, “Debra Ireland needs our help so that they can continue to provide support services to patients and families living with EB. The Kerry Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives while meeting new friends and exploring Dingle’s great outdoors.” I hear you think: Yeah shut up and marry me, I’ll give all my money to that damn charity if that’s what you want. All I want to know is, can I meet Mr Sheehan without walking anywhere?

The event costs €300 per person, which includes two nights accommodation in the four star Dingle Skelligs Hotel, all meals and snacks, transport to and from the route each day, on-site physiotherapy and the celebratory dinner and prize giving.

The trek is apparently suitable for everyone from seasoned runners to first-time amblers. Seeing as it is so easy, they are going to make me do it, aren’t they. Oh God, everyone lose my number right now… can’t you see I am binge-watching Misfits while eating seven litres of ice-cream?

Click here to register or find out more about Debra’s Kerry Challenge.







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