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Yes apparently we have a tree soul mate. And here we tell you how to find yours—not with Tinder…but with Timbr.

Irish people have always loved trees. In fact, trees have been sacred to the Irish since pagan times. Trees were of the greatest importance, not only for the obvious practical reasons but also for spiritual reasons. Every tree had its uses; ash for hurleys, alder for shields, hazel for construction. The most important tree of all was the mighty oak, which was considered chief among the airig fedo or nobles of the forest.

In pre-Christian times, brehons or judges were responsible for the law and some of these laws dealt specifically with trees. The penalty for damaging particular trees was a fine, usually exacted not in money but livestock. For example, if you cut down an oak or a hazel tree, you could be fined two and a half cows while the fine for cutting down an elm or birch tree would be one cow. The different penalties reflected the relative importance of each tree.

But that’s not all. The first known Irish alphabet, the Ogham, was originally made up of eight letters named after trees – birch, alder, willow, oak, hazel, pine, ash and yew. It became known as a tree alphabet. An eighth century description of how Ogham is read again shows how the lore of trees had become mingled with writing: ‘Ogham is climbed (read) as a tree is climbed, treading on the root of the tree first with one’s right hand before one and one’s left hand last’. This indicates that Ogham should be read as it is inscribed on upright stones, from the bottom up.

Now the modern-day Irish can continue their love of tree by matching themselves with “their tree.” Yes it is time to focus on the more meaningful relationships in our lives; those that have solid roots and branch into every aspect of our day to day existence. And you can do this with ‘Timbr’, the world’s first tree-matching site. This will allow everyone to discover their tree love and find it in their own vicinity.

So do you want a solid, sustainable relationship? Firstly, click here.

Then tell Timbr where you are and it will give you some different options for finding tree love. When you decide, then that tree is yours, and it tells you where the tree is and how to get there. Once you decide that this dude is your great love, you can press the heart.

Then you are in a relationship!

You are now required to get on your walking gear and go visit your tree and declare your love. As we are based in Bray, I found my tree love in the Wicklow Mountains. Isn’t he a hottie? I might go water him and sneak him some fertiliser. I know how to be a good soul mate.



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