Research Shows Link Between Astrology and Fertility

Research Shows Link Between Astrology and Fertility



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An online program designed to help medical professionals swiftly identify optimal dates for fertility treatments based on astrological indications may be coming soon to a clinic near you.

Astrologer Pat Harris, PhD, reports that a system based on ground-breaking research she completed for her doctorate thesis at the University of Southampton, UK, is in the early development stage. The research successfully demonstrated that certain angular relationships of Venus and Jupiter to planets in a woman’s natal birth chart (horoscope) can identify those years in a woman’s life when she is more likely to have children.

“The research makes it easier for interested patients and clinicians to incorporate astrology into fertility treatment plans. Women can now find optimal dates for successful conception – with or without assisted reproductive technology (ART), she says.

Dr. Harris is Editor of Correlations, a journal published by the Astrological Association of Great Britain (AA). She also earned a master’s degree in health psychology from the University of Southampton, and has been a consulting astrologer for more than 30 years.

“I have clients who have been with me for more than 20 years who keep returning for life management advice. Some would ask if they would marry and have children and when this would be.

“I used traditional astrology to locate the years when there was a strong likelihood of these events happening in their lives. Astrology didn’t let me down as I had considerable success with these forecasts for natural conceptions,” she said.

Dr. Harris says a decision to look at astrology and fertility treatment outcomes was made because the treatment process is stressful and invasive as well as being expensive.

“If a new method could be found to reduce the number of treatments needed to succeed this would be invaluable in every way to women who hope to have children through assisted reproductive technology,” she added.

Dr. Harris believes clinicians should consider use of astrology to select dates for embryo implantation because of its potential to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. However, it is very important the patient understands that astrological indicators do not guarantee success.

“My research shows only that attempts to conceive during optimal times have an increased likelihood of success (the birth of a live baby). It should also be made clear to patients that the absence of favourable astrological indicators means only that the chances of succeeding may be lower and does not portend a failed outcome,” she said.

“The research did not directly confirm ancient writings on fertility indications in astrology. But it did clearly support the hypothesis that some planetary alignments involving the planets Venus and Jupiter are associated with fertility and an increased likelihood of having children,” she added.

An interview describing the research in more detail can be found at the website.



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