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By Nicole Buckler

Yes, you can download free hot bestsellers without leaving your gaff. It’s legal, it’s all over Ireland, and damn it’s awesome. (I’m telling you this on the understanding that you won’t spend 3-week-stretches reading books without showering. DO NOT answer the door with a three-day-old croissant hanging off your face.)

As glossy magazines fight to survive and as content goes online, many people have been expecting books to also die a horrible violent death. We are waiting for books to become a relic in museums called “libraries” where people used to do weird quaint things like search a catalogue of cards and fax stuff to other people with fax machines. Ew.

While this might still be the future for hard copy books, the sales of e-books are on the rise globally, after a few stumbles along the way. Thanks to the Kindle, and other apps which enable readers to read books on their phones, sales of e-books are on the up again. We seem to be letting those tree-murdering hard copies go nicely into their place in history.

Humans don’t really like change, and it has taken a while for we humanoids to embrace the world of the e-book, but finally, it seems we have arrived. We got here safely. No person was harmed in the process. Everything’s gonna be okay.

bookAn example of wild e-book success is author Marcus Sakey. He has three books simultaneously appearing in the Amazon Kindle Top 100. This is a rare and remarkable feat for an author in the brave new world of electronic stories. The first two books in the trilogy, Brilliance, and A Better World have been in the top 100 Kindle sales on Amazon for weeks and have sold almost 700,000 copies. Written in Fire, the final book in the Brilliance Trilogy, was published just one month ago. At this pace, The Brilliance Trilogy is on track to pass 1 million copies sold. Today, as I write this, Written in Fire is sitting at #2 on the Kindle charts.

Library E-Books

So while sales of e-books are rising globally, another interesting trend is emerging… the popularity of e-books borrowed from your library. In Ireland, all you have to do to download free books is to get a library card from any library and then register on the library website.

You can then read the books inside an app called Overdrive. Once you have Overdrive downloaded (it’s free) and up and running, you can start downloading books from your library’s e-catalogue. You’ll never have to show your face in the library again!

With the Overdrive app, you can read best-selling authors, new release titles, classics and crowd-pleasers. Your local public library’s digital collection has it all. And here’s another really cool thing to do: you can listen to audio e-books. Like when you are forcing yourself to walk around the neighbourhood, getting sweaty and cross, listening to an e-book can make it less horrific. Or, if your children are in the back seat of the car on a long trip, you can play a kids’ audio e-book via the bluetooth, or put headphones on them and let them listen individually. This is a revelation in terms of travelling. For kids who are too young to read in bed, you can put them to bed with an audiobook and headphones.

You can even download the app to your laptop and pretend you are working, but all the while be listening to a racy, trashy novel like 50 Shades. (But I would never do that in your time, boss. Well, just let me finish 50 Shades…)

And here’s a great deal too: you can also watch a large collection of movies and TV shows. You can borrow feature films, comedies, documentaries, children’s favourites, and more from within the mobile app.

I will remind you however that you do have a time limit on the books you download as they have to be “returned” to the library. They will vanish off your phone when your right to read them has expired. So get that cup of tea and comfy chair ready. There’s a whole literary world out there that awaits you. Books are not dead, they’ve just changed form. And repeat after me: we like e-books. Yes, we do. Especially when they are free, which is my favourite price.

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